Why Makes Ghost Machine Comics Is Different

Why Makes Ghost Machine Comics Is Different

Ghost Machine, a creative collaborative owned and operated by its writers and artists, is offering the world a fresh look at how media companies can operate. Geoff Johns and the other founding collaborators wanted to build a company model that breaks new ground in the world of comic book storytelling. They also want to be a beacon to upcoming talent and an example of what is possible. There are several key factors that set Ghost Machine apart. 

Character-Driven Stories

The stories from Ghost Machine writers and artists focus on individual characters shaped by extraordinary circumstances. While events in Ghost Machine stories are important to start the narrative, they quickly become a backdrop for the characters that emerge.

For example, Geiger, a story from Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Brad Anderson and Rob Leigh, is about a man who survived a nuclear war but lost both his family and his humanity. The story focuses on his new existence as a being who can soak up radiation and his efforts to establish order in a chaotic world. 

Likewise, the stories of Redcoat, Rook, Junkyard Joe and The Rocketfellers also focus on individuals caught in larger-than-life circumstances. Other writers and artists who bring this element to their work for Ghost Machine include Maytal Zchut, Peter Tomasi, Brad Meltzer, Lamont Magee, Francis Manapul, Jason Fabok and Bryan Hitch.

Innovative and Inclusive Corporate Concept

Ghost Machine is the first media company that is owned and operated by its creative talent. This business model welcomes comic book writers and artists from varying backgrounds and experience levels. Based on the idea that collaboration enhances talent, the creative founders of Ghost Machine want to build a company where artists and writers can thrive individually yet be connected to a network of professional support. 

From queer, first-generation, Israeli-American Maytal Zchut and new voice Lamont Magee to comic industry veterans Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Bryan Hitch and others, Ghost Machine is a home to those with talent as well as drive and vision. The company also wants its inclusivity to attract upcoming talent.

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Creative Freedom

Ghost Machine offers comic book writers and artists the creative space needed to dream up new concepts and characters and get them down on the page. Since the creators at the company are also the owners, there are no external expectations that could hamper original storytelling. 

The Ghost Machine Difference

Writer and producer Geoff Johns wanted Ghost Machine to be a safe and inviting place offering writers and artists room to bring their ideas to life. With its innovative structuring, this media company also has a mission to support future artists.