Services Provided and Average Costs of the Most Trusted Resume Writers in 2019

Employing help from trusted resume writers is something that we should all do at some point in our lives. Unless you consider yourself to be a pro at writing resumes, you can learn a lot about how to improve your resume and find the job of your dreams when you hire a resume writing service.

There are tons of individuals and companies that specialize in writing top-of-the-line resumes all varying in services provided and average costs. With such a wide variety of companies to choose from it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. To help you get started here is a run-down of the basic services provided and typical costs of some of the most trusted resume writing services in 2019.

Resume services offer several packages to choose from

Most resume writing services offer a variety of packages that meet your resume and job hunting needs. It is up to you to decide what you need and which package is right for you. Here is a breakdown of the typical packages offered by these services:

  1. Cost-effective resume package for recent college graduates
  2. Ultimate resume writing package for those with 2+ years experience
  3. Premium executive writing package for anyone applying for an executive position
  4. Federal or military personnel resume writing services

Obviously you can get an idea of which package to invest in; did you recently graduate from college, do you have a few years of experience, or do you consider yourself an exec and able to take on a major leadership role? If you’re not sure which package is the right one, feel free to ask the resume writing service to get their feedback.

What you resume writing package should include

The package you choose should provide extensive help with editing your current resume or even creating a brand new one. However, this is not the only thing it should provide. Here are a few common add-ons and services offered if you want a basic package to help you land an entry-level job:

  • Modern-day resume writing from a professional
  • Keyword and ATS optimization
  • Complimentary cover letter and thank you letter

If you are applying for an executive position rather than an entry level one the services provided will be quite different. For an executive resume writing service you can expect to receive access to these services:

  • Advice on how to use modern-day job search engines
  • Interview coaching sessions
  • Access to professional executive resume writers
  • Linkedin profile updates
  • Fast turnaround on the final edits of your resume
  • 90-day guarantee for you to find a position

Average cost of the top resume writing services

This varies from company to company but on average a basic resume writing service should cost you between $150 and $200. Executive resume writing services will cost you much more – sometimes as much as $1500 – but remember that you are extremely likely to find a high-paying job. Execs apply for leadership roles within companies that lead to high 6-digit salaries so don’t be afraid to splurge on a quality resume writing service.