Breaking Boundaries – How Online Guitar Lessons Inspire Passion Regardless of Location

Breaking Boundaries - How Online Guitar Lessons Inspire Passion Regardless of Location

Online guitar lessons are ideal for students who prefer to work independently. Students who are self-starters or those with busy schedules will do well with online learning, as it allows them to progress through material at their own pace.


The best online guitar lessons will feature a variety of songs and genres that are accessible to beginners. It’s also important that they have a range of different difficulty levels so that students can build their skills.

This might be as simple as adding a bass line to a popular song or as complex as playing in an open tuning. These challenges will push you out of your comfort zone and help you develop a better understanding of the fretboard.


An excellent online guitar lesson platform should fit your learning style and goals. It also has to offer a range of lessons from beginner-level to advanced. The curriculum should be well-rounded, with a focus on theory and songs. Online guitar lessons can be delivered via pre-recorded video or a virtual lesson platform that uses a live camera to connect with teachers in real time. If you choose the latter, ensure your internet connection is fast enough to support a smooth lesson experience. Running a free speed test before you start your lessons is a good idea.

Check out various websites, such as the Forbes Music Company, if you want a platform offering pre-recorded and live video guitar lessons. They have more than 120 tutors and 5,500 lessons covering all skill levels. They have a structured learning path as well as an extensive song-based library. You can even use a silent playing feature to practice independently without making any noise!

Inspiring Teachers

While it is possible to find inspiration in online guitar lessons with the right combination of free YouTube videos and home-spun practice sessions, students would often rather invest in a learning experience with a clear path to a desired outcome. That’s why aspiring guitarists must do homework on the teachers they wish to work with.

Not only should they look at their teacher’s background and teaching experience, but they also make sure that the platform they use for their online courses has features like the ability to schedule lessons on autopilot (which is ideal for busy teachers) and that they have quality microphones to ensure that the sound quality in their video lessons is high.


Online guitar lessons are typically pre-recorded and streamable via a membership account. However, some programs have a live instructor that can interact with you during your session! This type of interaction is significant for developing the skills you need to play your favorite songs. It also helps you get a feel for the quality of your internet connection so you don’t experience a choppy video lesson.

Throughout the course, you’ll develop the skills to play songs independently after some initial instruction and learn how chords and melodies work together to create harmony. You’ll also develop the ability to improvise, a valuable skill for any guitarist! This platform is a great option for anyone who wants to learn the guitar from an experienced teacher. It’s laid back and makes beginners feel comfortable, a great way to ease them into learning.