Types of Towing Services Offered by a Towing Company

Types of Towing Services Offered by a Towing Company

There are a variety of different towing services that are available today. These services range from emergency and non-emergency towing, Wheel lifts, and roadside assistance. The towing service you need depends on your vehicle’s needs and the location of the accident.

Light duty towing

The two major types of towing services offered by towing companies are light duty and heavy duty. Light-duty towing involves moving cars that are small in size. Heavy-duty towing involves pulling large trucks with a lot of horsepowers. Heavy-duty towing services are needed when the vehicle has a considerable load.

Light duty towing services are the standard types of towing services that a towing company offers. These services include the removal of abandoned vehicles and the recovery of cars and trucks from accidents. Light-duty towing requires a conventional tow truck that is powerful enough to move most passenger vehicles. In addition, light-duty towing services are ideal for small and medium-sized cars. A heavy-duty towing company will be able to handle these larger vehicles and will be able to maneuver them through tight spaces and city streets.

Non-emergency and emergency towing

When towing your vehicle, you should know the difference between emergency and non-emergency services. Emergency services are generally faster and will come to your car quickly. Emergency towing services are also available twenty-four hours a day. Emergency towing is essential for many reasons, including unexpected breakdowns.

Most people think they can handle roadside emergencies on their own, but the fact is that towing professionals are equipped with tools and safety equipment to move a car safely. They can drive a vehicle of any size and weight and safely and securely transport it.

A towing service will offer various services to help you with various car problems. These services range from a lockout rescue to a flat tire. They also provide roadside assistance Forest Lake MN, and can help start a car.

Wheel lift towing

Unlike a flatbed tow truck, a wheel lift tow truck is more compact and easier to maneuver. Therefore, it is beneficial for low-clearance areas.

Additionally, it uses less fuel than the traditional flatbed tow truck. As a result, it makes wheel lift towing a more affordable option for drivers.

Wheel lift tow trucks work by lifting a car by its wheels instead of hooking it up with a chain. This technique is more cost-effective than flatbed towing but can also cause minor cosmetic damage. Wheel lift tow trucks are also more maneuverable, allowing them to get in tight spots and move a car from one side to another.

A towing company offering wheel lift services is the most affordable option for towing small and medium-sized vehicles. They are also more versatile and safe.

Roadside assistance

Roadside assistance is essential to maintaining a car, and a towing company offers many different plans for different situations. The basic program offers to tow to the nearest service center. The Plus plan provides towing up to 100 miles. It also includes trip interruption coverage, which reimburses you for lodging, meals, and alternate transportation costs.

Roadside assistance can help you change a flat tire or unlock a locked car. A flat tire can happen to anyone and can be dangerous for other drivers so roadside assistance can help you safely get your vehicle back on the road. Most drivers know how to change a tire, but if they don’t, roadside assistance can help.

Flatbed towing

A flatbed towing service is one of the safest and most effective ways of towing your vehicle. The old-fashioned towing method can damage parts of your car, but the new flatbed trucks use a lowered platform that makes it much easier to transport your vehicle from one place to another. Once positioned, your car will be securely tied to the flatbed and driven away, free of any dangers to your vehicle on the road.

Flatbed towing uses specialized flatbed trucks and hydraulic systems to pull your vehicle to a flatbed. This method of towing is safe for the car because it doesn’t require changing the power train or putting unnecessary wear and tear on your car’s parts. A flatbed tow is also more effective when you need a long-distance tow. However, dragging your vehicle long distances can be risky as the tires could get damaged.