What are the best ways to transport your pet?

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Nobody looks forward to moving. But moving is sometimes inevitable in the ebb and flow of life. While moving to a new neighbourhood or new country can be exciting, the process of moving is not exactly. Moving can be very stressful with the months of careful planning and packing. Moving is made even more stressful if you have to move your beloved fur kids.  

If you’re planning a move and wondering how to move your pet dog or cat to the new home, we’ve got your answers.  No matter what distance or mode you travel, you can make the transition a little less stressful by following these simple tips.

1.  Crate train your pet before the move.  If you’ll be needing one for the move, train them to sleep in it before the trip and reward them with treats. Put their toys, blanket and food bowl in there too.

2.  Condition your pet for the move. If your dog easily gets upset each time you pull out a suitcase for a trip, imagine how he will react when the whole house is being packed up! Condition your dog by having a few boxes and suitcases out ahead of time, so he doesn’t associate those objects with you leaving.

3.  Pack for your pet.  In addition to the basics of food, snacks and water, make sure you pack all of your pet’s essential belongings in a separate, clearly-labelled bag. Take this with you to get through the moving day and the immediate days following. Pet items to consider packing include a few favorite toys, leash, poop bags, kitty litter, box and scooper and blanket.

4.  On moving day.  Ensure that your pet dog or cat is safe and placed in an empty room far from the madding crowd and moving chaos. If this precaution is not taken, your fur baby would be in danger by hiding in open boxes or in the way of movers.  Another alternative is to leave your beloved pet with a trusted friend or a pet sitter whom your pet is familiar with where he will feel much safer and protected. 

Ways To Transport Your Pet

We’ve listed 4 common ways of transporting your pets:

  1. With you in your car 
  2. Engaging a pet shipping company
  3. By air
  4. By train

If you’re shipping your pet dog or cat from one place to another, try to look for the best possible way of shipping that suits both you and your beloved fur kid. Ensure that you pet is comfortable traveling whichever mode you have chosen.  

Find a reliable pet transportation service

Shiply is a great online platform to find the best pet transportation service to move your family pets.  All it takes is to fill out a simple online form and several free quotes will be emailed to you for you to compare rates and services to ship your pets.  You can learn more about the services offered at the Shiply website.

Whatever method you choose to transport your beloved pet, make sure that you take good precaution before the move so that your pet is happy, safe and healthy throughout the move. All the best in transporting your fur kid to your new home!