AV Veterinary Center – Best Pet For a Lonely Person


If you have a friend or a family member who is feeling a little lonely at home then a great gift idea for them is to buy a pet. Last year I bought a friend of mine an awesome gift which she just loved, and it really helped here with feeling lonely. I went to the AV Veterinary Center to get some advice first, about what type of pet was the best idea, and they were so incredibly helpful. In the end they whittled it down to 3 choices for me, as a couple of pet options such as a fish or a hamster, don’t really have enough about them to help someone feel less lonely.

If you’d like to get a pet for someone who is feeling a little on their own, here are the three options I’d choose from.


A canary or a budgie makes for a great pet for anyone who is feeling alone, and they won’t be feeling that way for much longer once they have the cage in place. Birds are great because they really don’t require much maintenance and they can still be very entertaining. Birds will make noises and mimic what the owner is doing, some of them can even talk! Birds will fly around the room at their own volition and they are cool pets to have in the home.


A dog is a great gift to buy for someone but before you do ensure that they are going to want a dog in the house, as not everyone does. Dogs are so fiercely loyal and they really are ‘man’s best friend’. Dogs will require some maintenance of course, they need to be walked, fed and watered, and they also enjoy being played with. As long as the recipient is happy enough to spend the time with the dog, this is a great gift which they are just going to adore, and it certainly going to help with their loneliness.


Cats fall somewhere in between dogs and birds for someone who is on their own, as they don’t require very much maintenance at all, all you need is a litter tray, food and water, and perhaps a cat flap so that they can come and go. Cats will generally entertain themselves so in that regard they aren’t quite as dependable as a dog is. With this being said however, cats are full of love and they do like to be played with and caressed from time to time. A cat is a good pet to get for someone who is feeling a bit lonely, but who doesn’t want to have to put the work into looking after their new pet too much as you would do a dog.

These are the best choices for this situation, the decision that you make will be based on who you are buying the gift for, and what you think they are going to want.