Av Veterinary Center – Easiest Pets to Look After

One of the biggest reasons why many don’t want a pet is because they think that they require a great deal of looking after, and many people just don’t have the time. Whilst this is true in the case of pets such as dogs or horses but there are many pets which really don’t require huge amounts of your time when it comes to looking after them. With some help from the brilliant team at AV veterinary center, here is a quick list of some pets which you may think about getting, that hardly require much looking after at all.


Now when it comes to fish there are some which are expensive to look after and which will require a lot of your time such as koi carp. However there are many exotic fish that you can buy for the home which really don’t require a great deal from you. In terms of getting set up, this will be the most expensive part as you will have to get a tank and some ornaments to go inside, as well as hooking up the plumbing and the lighting for the tank. Once you are set up however all you need to do is drop a little bit of food in each day, clean the water every 4 or 5 days and make sure that the temperature of the water is right, nothing more.


Cats are some of the easiest pets to look after because they are just so independent. In reality all you need is a litter tray, a bowl for milk, water and food, and not too much else. A great idea as well is to get a pole which the cat can use to scratch and sharpen its claws, as this will ensure that the cat doesn’t decide to do so on your new furniture! If you are confident enough and deepening on where you live, install a cat-flap on your back door which will ensure that your cat can come and go as they please. Once you get past the first 6 months of cat ownership you’ll find it to be a very easy pet to care for and look after.


The pet that I have found the easiest to look after was a bird, very cheap and they require so little of your time. Once you have a cage set up you simply need to make sure that it stays clean, that there is food and water for the bird and some toys which they can play with such as a bell or even a mirror. I used to take the bird out at night and it would sit on my shoulder as I watched the TV, have a little fly around and then get back into its cage. Without question one of the simplest pets to look after, and one which really brings a lot of joy.

Pets don’t have to take up loads of your time and energy.