3 Things to Be Wary of with Online Dating


Whether you have been doing online dating for a while or are thinking about it, making sure you are safe is key.

With that thought in mind, what will you be wary of when it comes to giving online dating a shot?

From not giving out too much personal info to meeting one who will not take no for an answer, there are concerns.

So, is it time you focused on protecting yourself while dating and yet still having some fun?

Careful what You Tell People

In looking to enjoy online dating and still be safe, keep a few pointers in mind:

1. Don’t give out much info – While you have to converse with others, there is no reason to give out too much personal info. One thing to be wary of is when best to provide someone with your phone number. In today’s age, many get started after an initial introduction or set up by exchanging phone numbers. Although you would like to think giving out your number will not lead to trouble, can you be 100 percent sure? Some people end up getting phone calls from that they would rather not get in the first place. It could be someone you gave your number to or they may have passed it on to someone else who is now calling you. If you are getting questionable phone calls, don’t wait around. You can go online and inquire about a suspicious phone number lookup. There are online tools to help you with finding out where any questionable calls are coming from. Use those resources to help you get some peace of mind. In the meantime, be careful about the info you divulge on yourself.

2. Let one know where you go – While you do not need a family member or friend spying on you, be safe especially early on. It is wise to let someone you trust know where you are going when meeting a date. You of course should meet anyone in a public setting. Doing otherwise can be a risk to your physical well-being. If your date does not agree on a public setting, best to move on from them.

3. Be upfront with your date and expect the same – Last, it is important that you are upfront and vice-versa. One thing that can be a sticking point in the dating world is when people are not upfront. It can lead to disappointment and worse. Always let the other person know where you stand. You never want to lead them on; especially given you would not want that done to you. If things are moving a little too fast and you’d like them to slow down, let the person know this. The key to any successful dating is that both parties are communicating with one another.

When you are doing or considering giving online dating a try, make sure you are careful and know what you want.

Last, have some fun out there.