The Latest Evolution for The Restaurant World


As consumer trends evolve so must the restaurant industry, and it’s been an interesting decade. The restaurant business exploded in the 21st Century with more people choosing to spend their time and money on eating out. Over the past decade we saw sales in the restaurant industry rise from 590 billion to an estimated 863 billion USD and counting. In the second half of the 2010s there was a huge growth in the scene of home delivery and meal-kits, as consumers called for convenience and a new approach to mealtimes in an increasingly demanding modern routine. So, what are the latest needs and what’s the fresh dynamic?

In contemporary society we strive for a healthier lifestyle, we are more aware of our food intolerances and dietary requirements, we subscribe to a plethora of different diets to shape, heal and improve us, we want convenience with a decent price tag and we want our individual needs to feel heard. The next stage of the evolution called for a personalized experience that takes all of the above in its stride, and so, the home chef service was born.

The service of a personal home chef embraces the draws of delivery and meal kits; it comes to you, cuts time spent on shopping and planning, reduces clean up, can cater for 1+ people and provides the opportunity to eat what you want, when you want. The latest wave of these Companies such as NAKS  home chef service combines the latest technology with the best, hand-picked chefs to provide a completely new experience to be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home. 

Tailor-Made and Flexible

With a home chef all meal creations are personalized to the customer’s tastes and take any dietary requirements into account. Each chef has their specialty, if diners want some inspiration, or they can prepare a menu exactly as instructed. The difference between a restaurant experience, delivery or meal-kits is that there are no set menus to choose from with a personal chef; in fact the options are limitless. The consumer essentially collaborates with their private chef to create the menu exactly as they want it, and for when they want it – breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, meal prep, dinner party, anniversary you name it! The service is typically used to replace delivery or eating out every few weeks or so, although a weekly meal prep service is also available. The chefs themselves are passionate, many with global travel experience, and professionally trained to create a variety of cuisines and accommodate diverse diets as well as having extensive experience in safe food handling. The idea is that the available chefs are people’s people; they love passing on their appetite for tasty food and know first-hand how the shared experience of a good meal can bring a community together.

Fresh and Responsible Ingredients

When it comes to the ingredients, all produce is purchased fresh on the same day by the chef before arriving at the client’s home. The chefs know where to shop responsibly for the freshest ingredients from local stores and farmer’s markets, reducing the packaging typically seen with meal-kits. When you have a chef in your home with fresh ingredients, it’s easy and reassuring to see exactly what goes into each dish. It’s also a potential opportunity to learn about particular flavors, cuisines or diets, as the chef will happily answer any questions while preparing the food.

Value for Money

In the past, the concept of home catering or a private chef has been an expensive one. The modern day version aims to be accessible with the satisfaction of money well spent. The cost of a personal chef varies depending on the number of people and courses but generally has the same cost as eating out or ordering delivery from a mid-price restaurant. The price reflects the experience as much more than a meal-kit, with the chef delivering the hand-picked ingredients as well as cooking, serving and cleaning up afterwards. With the meal happening at home, diners are also free to take their time and enjoy their own drinks without the corkage fee or extortionate prices on bottles often found at restaurants. NAKS has a handy meal price calculator to get an idea of what will be spent before committing to a reservation.

Easy and Quick to Set Up

Just as with the latest delivery apps, the process to make arrangements for a personal home chef with the new services is quick and simple. You can easily order on your computer or mobile device. Date/time, meal type and number of guests are filled out along with a preferred time for a call to chat through and design the menu. Additional notes can also be included to highlight tastes, preferences and any dietary requirements. 

Once submitted, in minutes you get  a link with information about your paired private chef and his/her specialty dishes to help inspire you. The chef will call at the requested time to collaborate on the final menu and provide a final price quote. A personal chef can be right there preparing a fresh meal in the kitchen in as little as 2 hours which is great for last-minute occasions!

The Comforts of Home

The latest installment of restaurant world evolution has taken an interesting turn back to the home sphere, with a control shift allowing the consumer to call the shots on every aspect of menu design. The process is transparent and responsible with locally sourced, fresh ingredients cooked right in front of you exactly the way you want, no need to worry where the food comes from and what you’re actually putting into your body. Private home chef services like that of NAKS have all the bases covered to allow their customers to relax physically and mentally. Although the experience is delivered  in the privacy of the home, it still has a sense of intimacy and sharing; the host shares their space with the chef who shares his ideas and passion for food, the diners share an experience with each other while enjoying the perfect meal for their tastes and dietary needs.