The best places to visit with your lover on a hot day

Right now, the UK has been caught in a bit of a heatwave. This is quite unusual, considering that usually, it’s mostly raining for days on end. But right now, it looks like the sun is going to be here to stay. So why not take advantage of the good weather? It’s time for you to meet up with your partner and have a “hot” date, literally. Here are some of our date suggestions to get you started.

Go to the beach!

Okay, this is a bit of an obvious one. But who doesn’t love going to the beach for a date? If you can handle the golden sand and frothing waves, you will love being able to relax in the sunshine with your date. Whether you’ve decided to go with your girlfriend, boyfriend or a gorgeous Notting Hill escort, all you need to do is settle down on a picnic blanket with an umbrella and slather yourselves in sun cream. From there you can cuddle up together, go jump into the ocean or just relax together whilst reading your books. It’s a full-proof option full of fun. Just make sure that you don’t get a sunburn by protecting yourself!

Picnic Options

The hot weather means that you need to find a place to have a picnic. It’s not like you’re going to eat outside during the winter, so why not look for a good park, floral landmark or even a back garden to dine with your lover? All you need to pack is a picnic blanket and some snacks. It’s that easy! However, if you want to take this to another level, why not organise a BBQ with your partner, friends and family? The hot weather should be used as an opportunity to bring your friends and family together. So, do it! Get a few burgers on the grill and get your guest list ready. You will certainly have a great time.

Outside Concert/Theatre

If you are lucky enough to have an al-fresco entertainment venue in your city, you need to use it during the hotter months of the year. Cities, like Essex, have outdoor stages which host large theatrical productions (like Shakespeare plays) and concerts. In these areas, you can bring your drinks, food and even your seating arrangements. It does not matter whether you bring a picnic blanket or a folding set of chairs. Either way, you can sit back and enjoy the entertainment unfold. Everyone loves summer evenings, and this way you can have fun as the day slowly cools down.

Historical Monuments

No matter where you go in the UK, you will find somewhere that has been protected by English Heritage or the National Trust. So, why not invite your lover out to go and explore your city’s natural landmarks? Most can be reached by bus or train. Either way, it will take a full day to enjoy the scenery of the area. Whether you choose to see an ancient monument, archaic field or visit a new village is entirely up to you. Just remember to keep hydrated and have a map on you so you know exactly where you are going together. The last thing you need is to get lost on a hot day.

Bike Tours

Do you live somewhere that has a lot of beautiful countrysides, like the Lake District? If so then you may want to plan your very own bike tour! The countryside is worth exploring throughout the summertime. Not only can you take in the beautiful scenery, but once you’re done, you can stop at your favourite pub or restaurant to enjoy the warmth of the season.


Yes, you can go camping with a few friends throughout the warmer months, but if you want to have a romantic summer holiday with your lover, it’s time for you to enjoy a taste of the high-life, aka. through Glamping. Glamping does involve bringing a tent, but you can also book out a cabin or just bring a few more supplies than you would have done previously. Some people book pods which include a large mattress but allow you to safely stay under the stars, others book out small cabins that come with a BBQ and a jacuzzi. The choice is entirely up to you. Either way, it will give you a good way of bonding with your lover as you will be able to get away from the world.

Outdoor Jacuzzis

Okay, this sort of follows on from Glamping, but if you have a large back yard, access to a spa or perhaps know of a public jacuzzi event (some companies allow cities to hire out quite a few jacuzzis in front of a movie screen and allow people to hire them out), then they are perfect for relaxing in the hot sun. Grab a book, a glass of wine and turn the bubbles up on your device. It is the perfect way to relax with your partner.

Al-Fresco Dining 

A lot of restaurants offer outdoor dining options where you can sit with your lover to have drinks or a meal. You can choose to enjoy a good meal in the hot sun or the cooling breeze of the evening’s twilight. It’s time for you and your date to rekindle your romance over a glass of wine and cold desert. Share it if you want to recreate a sort of “lady and the tramp” scene!

The heat of romance

Everyone loves the summer months. After being cramped up for so long during winter, it’s time for you to get out and get your daily dose of sunlight. It’s the best time to be productive and enjoy yourself. So, why not try out some of our ideas on your list? That way you can rekindle your spark for your lover and spend some time together.

If you have some ideas of your own for dating options during the summer, why not let us know in the comments? We can’t wait to hear your thoughts.