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CBD Oil vs. CBD Gummies

CBD is commonly found in many different shops and pharmacies these days, often used for its medicinal benefits. With an increasing number of studies pointing towards CBD as being beneficial for general health, it is clear to see why it ahs increased in popularity too. Online suppliers of CBD such as offer some of the best products on the market, with a vast range of products available. These include CBD oils, and CBD gummies. But what is the difference? are these essentially the same product in a different form? We explore the key differences here. 

The Experience

Although you will be enjoying the same benefits of CBD through oil and gummies alike, there are distinct differences between them when it comes to user experience. Oil is great for before bed and first thing in the morning. You can add a drop or two underneath your tongue (sublingually) and enjoy the benefits of the oil straight away. Additionally, if you prefer using CBD on the go, the bottles are small enough to fit into your pocket, allowing you to carry your CBD anywhere you need to travel to.

When it comes to using CBD gummies, it’s fair to say that you are in for a much more pleasant experience, in terms of taste at least! CBD gummies come in a wide range of flavours, allowing you to eat these like any of your other favourite confectionery. 

Absorption Rates

CBD oil can be taken orally with a pipette, absorbing into your blood stream almost instantly. This allows for an “instant hit” of sorts, so you can get the dosage of CBD you need in an instant.

When you use gummies however, these must be digested to appreciate the full effects of CBD. Like any other food or vitamin, when you eat a CBD product, you must wait around 30 minutes to 1 hour to feel the CBD in your system. Following this, you will be able to experience CBD the very same way, although digested at a slower rate. 


When using CBD oil, you can measure the dosage yourself with a pipette dropper. This allows you to add as much or as little CBD into your blood stream as you would like, adding more should you feel it is necessary. When eating CBD gummies, these will have the CBD dosage clearly indicated upon the packaging. If the levels of CBD are not clearly written on the packaging, this is an indicator that the provider of CBD is not a reputable source, which you should avoid. Although knowing the exact amount of CBD per gummy is great, you should know your own limits before eating them. Unlike the oil method, when you eat an entire CBD gummy, there is no removing the full amount from your system Act wisely, always consult your doctor if you are on any other medication that may interfere with CBD use, and enjoy the positive effects CBD, in any form, can bring. 

Try different amounts of CBD and see what best suits you.