Mixing CBD into your THC


Hey there, you cool cats and kittens. You may have your cannabis routine down pat, but have you considered adding CBD into the mix? If you’re looking to control your high or mitigate the symptoms of a particular health condition, then adding CBD to the mix could potentially be extremely beneficial. Both the CBD and cannabis industries have exploded, translating into dozens of products, dispensaries, pop-up stores, and more. Although both CBD and THC are very similar, there are also striking differences that lead consumers to head in different directions. Additionally, with more information on the benefits of each additional compound, there comes knowledge of the benefits of being able to combine both into a daily regimen to both regulate and control a high and also regulate the body’s functions. If you’re a regular THC user, we’re here to explain the difference between THC and CBD and how they can both be beneficial. 

How do CBD and THC differ?

Before talking about differences, we’d like to say that CBD and THC have a lot of similarities. To start, they are both compounds that have the same molecular make-up, just arranged in different ways. Additionally, they both are cannabinoids that naturally aid the human body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Every human has an ECS which helps to keep the body functioning properly. In helping the ECS, both aid the human body in mitigating symptoms and providing relief for an array of medical conditions. However, there’s a key difference here and that is the psychoactive element. THC has a known psychoactive element that provides a sense of euphoria that is often described as being “high” or “stoned.” On the other hand, CBD does not provide that sense of euphoria and is specifically used to promote a feeling of calm and aid with other medical conditions.

Benefits of CBD

As the CBD industry continues to explode with recipe infusions, online stores, and more, as does the education of the beneficial elements of CBD. More and more people of all age ranges are turning to CBD as a way to naturally address physical or mental conditions including anxiety, stress, arthritis, and more. As more and more research continues to develop, there is more discovered about the vast improvements that CBD can make on those that struggle with inflammation such as arthritis or asthma, anxiety, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), and more.  The benefits of CBD have even extended to be beneficial for our furry friends! Many dog owners have turned to CBD to help their pets deal with anxiety, fireworks, and more.

Benefits of THC

If you’re reading this and you habitually use cannabis, then we probably don’t have to explain the benefits of THC. Although, we will address these regardless of your cannabis use. For many, the benefits of THC are the ways that can improve the symptoms and pain associated with medical conditions such as glaucoma, chronic pain, asthma, and more. Additionally, many consider a benefit to be the euphoric “high” that is calming for many. 

Combining CBD and THC

If you’re a cannabis user, why would you mix CBD and THC.? There are a couple of reasons we’d like to address. First, CBD allows you to have more control over your high. CBD is naturally proven to help balance the high that comes from THC and allows a consumer to focus on the outcome they desire. There are many times where someone may experience being too high and face paranoia. By incorporating CBD, it helps to prevent that feeling of being out of control, which can be undesirable for many. Additionally, adding CBD into your routine can also provide a relaxed state.

Ways to take CBD/THC

Both CBD and THC are extremely diverse in the ways that you can ingest either compound. Both CBD and THC offer multiple ways to ingest including smoking whether it’s flower or vaping, ingesting whether it’s an edible such as a gummy or a chocolate bar or a capsule, to bath bombs, topical creams or lotions and more. This flexibility allows you to understand the best solution for your needs and sort out a regimen accordingly. 


If you’re a habitual cannabis user and would like to incorporate CBD into your regimen, then it’s important to take a step back and identify your needs and wants. First, what is your desired goal when CBD and THC? Is it to address a specific medical condition? Is it to relieve feelings of anxiety or stress? How often do you use these products? From there, speak with your doctor and a CBD/THC professional to better understand what is best for you specifically. Experts will be able to consult with you on the recommended dosage, types of products, and specific brands. 

We hope that this information was helpful!