Covid-19 Corporate Housing Stepping in To Support


Under normal circumstances corporate housing would be used for those who are working short term in a new location and need somewhere to stay. During this pandemic however because of the potentially deadly Covid-19 corporate housing has been used to take care of a very different set of workers, and that is medical professionals.This is just another incredible act of many which has seen so many businesses type up in support of the healthcare workers who are quite literally risking their lives in order to help and support those who are on the frontlines of this virus and the patients who are fighting for their lives after contracting the disease.

There are many reasons why this is such an incredible gesture which I want to look into deeper today.

Business Climate

Whilst some businesses may be doing quite well during this crisis it is fair to say that the large majority face massive struggles because of the slowdown of the economy and the fact that people are not traveling, buying or staying. All of this means that an industry such as corporate housing is facing huge difficulties in staying alive financially so to have the gumption, the bravery and the kind heartedness to let the healthcare workers stay in their properties for free or at heavily discounted rates is nothing short of amazing.


One thing which we do have to bear in mind is the fact that there is an enormous number of medical staff who have been displaced for various reasons. There are medical staff who can not go home to their families because of the level of patients which they have been exposed to, and they need somewhere to stay. We have also seen a phenomenal number of healthcare workers traveling between cities and states in order to get to the heart of the crisis where they can lend their help and support, and they too need places to stay. Finally there are sadly many healthcare workers who have contracted the virus as a result of their job and they can no longer work, and cannot go home to their families, they also need places to stay and self-isolate. Cheap hotels and motels may serve for a while but these heroes deserve better and that is exactly what so many corporate housing companies are ensuring, that these men and women get the best.

We are truly living through strange times and this pandemic is shining a light on so many companies and individuals and showing them for what they really are. In the case of some companies we are beginning to recognize their failings and their greed, in the case of others however, we are seeing their nobility and their willingness to step up and be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Corporate housing companies most certainly fall into the latter example thanks to the immense support which they are offering our healthcare workers.