Megalopolis Toys – Benefits of Toy Collecting


I have been collecting toys, mainly Megalopolis Toys, for a number of years now and it has become a real passion of mine, which consumes more time than you may believe. There is something which I really love about collecting these toys and it is a great little hobby which you may enjoy if you get started. There are of course a great many things which you could collect if you so wish, but for me it is the toys that I love and here are some of the benefits which you can count on if you do the same.


I love it when I find old toys, these are little windows into the past and they are a really special find when you get them. Toys have always been popular and they always will be popular and it is fascinating to see how toys differ from generation to generation. When you collect toys from different time periods in the past, and line them up together, you get a great view of just how much things have changed as time has gone by.

Stress Relief

I have certainly noticed that if I am stressed and I get into my toy catalogue or I get into a conversation on a forum about toys, the stress really does dissipate and this is a wonderful way of taking my mind of things and focusing my brain on something far more light hearted.

Social Connections

There are many toy collectors around the world and thanks to the forums and to the conventions which I have attended I have made some truly great friends because of collecting toys. As you get older you find that there are less things which you can share with people in order to make friends but collecting items is certainly one of them and I have to say the for all we are considered toy geeks, the toy collecting community is a super fun one.

Drives Imagination

I have always been pretty imaginative, I guess that is what drew me to toys in the first place, and looking at these toys is certainly something which really drives a sense of wonder and imagination. This works twofold, firstly you think about the kids who have played with certain toys, wondering what they grew up to be, and the second is that you allow yourself to be transported to another world. This gives you the feeling that kids get when they play with toys, that sense that just about anything is achievable and it is something which is greatly helpful for introducing creativity in the mind.

There are so many other benefits to toy collecting such as helping you to get better at organization and teaching the value of looking after things, it is a really fun and exciting hobby. Why not head to the next convention which you see and check whether or not this is something which you may enjoy, there is no harm in trying!