A Brief Overview of The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store

What is Cannabis?: An Overview

When people hear the word the cannabis, they automatically associate it with marijuana, the recreational drug. Also known as weed, kush, and pot, it is internationally popular among both youths and adults. Cannabis is a plant belonging to the Cannabaceae family. The family has three species: Cannabis ruderalis, Cannabis sativa, and Cannabis indica. Marijuana is derived from Cannabis sativa. Cannabis is used in making skincare and hair products, as a recreational drug, and as a medical drug. 

There are over 480 chemical compounds in Cannabis of which two main compounds differentiate the recreational use from medical use. They are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). THC is intoxicating. It gives a euphoric sensation, dilated pupils, and makes one feel very relaxed. CBD is non-intoxicating. It is used as a pain killer, to reduce seizures, and to control anxiety. 

About The Vault

The Vault Cannabis Seed Store is a UK-based seed bank that deals with cannabis seeds. As more and more countries accept cannabis for medical use, the need for quality seeds has never been higher. The Vault ensures quality, healthy, and legal cannabis seeds are available for local and international customers. Three of its popular seeds are feminized seeds, regular seeds, and auto-flowering seeds. Founded in just 2012, The Vault has gained international recognition for being a reputable seed bank. Much like a blood bank preserves various types of blood from screened donors, a seed bank stores a variety of cannabis species with unique genetics from reputable breeders. The seeds are properly stored in a controlled environment to retain quality and prevent contamination. When customers place orders online, extra safety measures are taken to ensure the seeds arrive to their destinations without infection.  

Types of Seeds & Strains at The Vault

1. Feminized Seeds

Cannabis as a plant usually comes either as a male or a female species depending on the prevalent X or Y chromosomes. Breeders devised a way to produce only female plants. Female cannabis plants are the main producers of marijuana. They are high in THC. Feminized seeds begin to flower within just 2-3 days thereby making them easier for new growers. They do not take up space, which is good for small scale medical growers and hobby growers. Given that developed countries such as the UK and the US have strict count restrictions, it is the most preferred type of seed in the seed bank. 

2. Regular Seeds

Regular seeds are gotten through natural breeding. Breeders encourage pollination naturally or through traditional means. Once cultivated, regular seeds tend to evenly produce both male species and female species.

3. Auto-Flowering Seeds

Auto-flowering seeds are a special kind of breed that begin to sprout flowers once it reaches a certain development stage with the right lighting condition. Given its need for light, auto-flowering seeds are preferred in regions with plenty of sunlight.    

With over 100 breeders, The Vault has every kind of cannabis strain in the world. The Vault is home to impeccable quality seeds with fanatical customer service. Whether you are a hobby grower, starting a cannabis business, or want to cultivate for medical reasons, The Vault is the right place to start.