California Vape Laws: 4 Things You Need To Know

The crusade against tobacco products has been part of the political scene for many years. The positive movement for more protection for consumers and the promotion of healthier lifestyles is vital for the well being of the general public. Unfortunately, California has pulled vaping products like the CCell Silo Battery into the mix and lumped it into the same dangerous category as tobacco products. If you’re a vaper in the state of California, here is what you need to know.

No Vaping for Minors

Previously the minimum age to purchase a cigarette or vaping device, like the Jupiter Vape Pen, was 18. That age minimum is still in effect in many states, but in California, the age rose to 21. Even if you are 21, you are no longer permitted to vape within 250 feet of a sporting event in which the athletes are minors or within 25 feet of a children’s playground.

If You Can’t Smoke, You Can’t Vape

It is common for smoking to be prohibited in certain areas, like on government property, in educational facilities, and other similar spaces. With a few exceptions, you cannot vape in anywhere in California where you would not be able to smoke a traditional cigarette. The law also gives power to landowners or managers, like landlords, to ban smoking and vaping in or on their property and their ban will be upheld by the law.

Taxes and Permits

Another recent change, California now requires that retailers of vape products to have a permit and also have their products inspected and checked. This increases the cost of production, which could impact you as the consumer. While new taxes have not been successfully pushed through at this time, there are plans to increase the taxes on tobacco products, which is the category under which California puts vaping products.

Know and Follow the Laws

As unfortunate as it is for vaping products to be lumped together with harmful tobacco products, it is still important to know and understand the laws that impact your vaping habits. Enjoy your favorite vape pens, but make sure you are within the rule of law at all times.