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AMP vs OEM: Where Do You Get the Most Bang for Your Buck?

When it comes to whether it’s more cost-effective to buy AMP or OEM bike parts, you’d love a clear-cut answer. There is none! That said, there are some areas where you can get more bang for your hard-earned buck.


The engine is the heart of your machine. As such, its original parts are critical to its performance and power. While OEM parts may be more expensive than their AMP counterparts, seek them out. Whenever possible, you want to replace the engine parts your bike’s manufacturer designed and constructed with original components.


For dirt bikers, in particular, wear and tear on bodywork is a reality. Over time, you can expect to put time and money into basic repairs and replacements. For reasons of risk and reality, you get more bang for your buck with AMP parts. What’s more, a bodywork kit can give you more options for customization, increasing your style points!


Air filters require regular replacement. As such, they’re widely available, and a staple of parts suppliers’ inventory. Prices can run significantly higher for OEM varieties. Go with AMP air filters and stockpile your bike bucks for those dream or big-ticket purchases.


Industry leaders like Bike Bandit supply an incredible range of the best genuine motorcycle parts for riders, including exhaust mufflers. When you’re looking for a muffler for your Yamaha, Harley-Davidson or Honda, AMP parts generally get you more bang for your buck, thanks to lower prices and higher power. (You may still opt to search for Honda OEM parts cheap in case there’s a screaming bargain!)

Compare AMP and OEM parts and prices as you search for the part that’s right for your machine. Comparison shopping with motorcycle experts such as Bike Bandit can help you discover where you can best invest your bucks and get the biggest bang from them.