Robert Testagrossa – How to Pick a Color Scheme For The Home

How to Pick a Color Scheme For The Home

When it comes to decorating our homes it is the chance for most of us to realize that we are in fact not the interior designers which we thought that we were. In fact something as simple as choosing a color scheme can be difficult enough in itself, because of the fact that there are just so many tones and color options to choose from. There are experts in the industry like Robert Testagrossa who we can pay attention to here, who offer great advice to those who are looking at revamping their property.

If you are on the lookout for the very best color scheme for your home then here are just some of the ways that you can go about it.

Sample Everything

The first point here is to make sure that you have as many samples as you can find. Once you have decided on the main color it is time for you to get as many tones together as you can find, the small paint pots which you can pick up in the hardware store. Once you have bought these you will be able to paint small squares of paint all over the house and that will give you the perfect way of checking out how those samples look. Make sure that you leave the samples up there for a couple of days so that you can see them in various lights at different times of the day.

Read Magazines

You can get some great ideas from interior design and home magazines, these will give you the perfect range of color schemes which you can choose from. What you will find when you check out these magazines is that they will not only give you great ideas, they will also tell you exactly what the colors are, where they can be bought and how much they will cost. This is a great way to gain some true inspiration for your upcoming decoration work.

Inspired By Friends

Having a sneak peak into the homes of your friends and family is a great way to gleam some ideas from them when it comes to the color schemes which they have decided to use. Naturally you will not steal wholesale from friends, as this would look quite absurd, but being inspired by the way that they use colors and tones in their home can be very inspiring indeed. When it comes to looking for new colors for the home the key is to get inspiration from just about anywhere that you can, and then try and incorporate that into the home or the room which you are decorating.

It may not be easy to just walk into the home and pick out colors for each space, but you can find ways to make this choice easier if you find inspiration from other places and if you use samples to get the perfect color choices for your decoration project.