How the Internet Has Influenced Beauty, Make-Up, and Fragrance Markets

How the Internet Has Influenced Beauty, Make-Up, and Fragrance Markets

Undeniably the biggest and most influential internet-based change for beauty, make-up, and fragrance markets is how much social media platforms are utilized for inspiration by designers and consumers alike.


Ever since celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, who has over 221 million followers on Instagram alone, began to launch and self-promote their own make-up brands and limited-edition products, the make-up industry has turned the majority of its promotional content and advertising focus onto social media platforms. Consumer feedback and honest reviews, especially when supplied by celebrities and social media influencers, now have serious power over a product’s success and sales numbers.

Now that social media platforms are so heavily utilized by competing make-up brands, there has been a slow and steady rise in more independent, influencer endorsed brands, the latter often racing to the top of the make-up best sellers due to the particular influencer’s incredible amount of dedicated beauty fanatic followers.


Before the invention and subsequent ascent of the internet, perfume and aftershave companies could only rely on their packaging, their in-store sales representative spritzing onto unsuspecting customer’s wrists, and the quality and feedback from the fragrance itself. This is why, for a long time preceding the internet, the same six or seven designer perfumes and aftershaves remained at the top of the bestselling and most favored chart with little to no competition.

The recent coronavirus pandemic was utterly devasting to a diverse range of industries and businesses, and the fragrance and perfume market was unfortunately no different. Additionally, the pandemic has led to a major consumer shift, and now customers are significantly less brand loyal and far more open to experiment and try new scents.

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The internet has arguably had a significantly more negative influence on the beauty industry and make-up enthusiasts, and unrealistic social media expectations are principally to blame.

There is, however, a positive side to the internet’s influence on the beauty industry, and this comes in the form of accessibility. Before, if a person wanted to achieve a healthier level of skin condition or a more impactful and flattering eye, they would have had no choice but to either pay a hefty consultation with a make-up artist in a department store or fork out for the expensive product and work it out themselves.

Now, you can literally watch professionals apply their make-up or go through their beauty routines live, in real-time and emulate them, often with cheaper dupes of expensive products. The internet also provides us with numerous ‘how to’ guides in every area of beauty and, in general, has made the beauty industry significantly more accessible.