Shane Kersh – Reasons Why Liverpool Will Be Reigning For Years

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Liverpool is a team with a rich history of success and whilst the Premier League era hasn’t been kind to them, it finally looks as though the Reds will be able to lift their first trophy in almost 30 years. Liverpool have continued with European success, winning the Champions League in 2005 and again last year, but Premier League success is something which has thus far eluded them. Given that they are currently 14 points clear with a game in hand, there is little to suggest that they will miss this chance to for league glory, and we can expect them to reign for some time. On the football podcast last week we had Shane Kersh, an expert in the game who believes that there will be no slowing Liverpool down, and here is why.


 The game sadly comes down to money in the modern era and in order to bring about that money a solid fanbase is required. It is fair to say that Liverpool already have one of the proudest fanbases in the world, but they are also making all the right movs to continue to boost the Liverpool brand around the world. The Asian market is massive and any team who plays in red, a lucky color throughout Asia, can expect to find themselves popular. Wining titles and trophies will further boost the appeal, and the more fans they have the more money they can count on.

Building a DNA

The Manchester United team which tore through the 90s and 00s winning league after league had a certain DNA about them, a winning mentality which was unshakable. This is something which we haven’t seen since, and even the great Man City and Chelsea teams didn’t have that, they simply romped to victory without much of a test. Jurgen Klopp however has built a side and a club with that mentality and that will serve Liverpool for years to come.

The Squad

This is a squad with a perfect blend of star quality, experience, youthful hunger and strong mentalities and no matter whether Liverpool happen to lose the odd player, you just know that they are going to be able to continue to perform year after year based on this model.


With the exception of perhaps 2 players, Jurgen Klopp’s transfer history is mightily impressive and he looks for players who not only show the ability that he wants, but also the personality. As long as Klopp stays at this club, they will be able to continuously reinvent themselves an push for more success as they do so.

This is a club which is ran well from top to bottom, a club which has a rich history of success and a team which has blown away the rest of the league this year. This is not a blip, and Liverpool are very much here to stay.