Non-Invasive Vasectomy Near Me – What to Expect From Your Vasectomy 

Vasectomy Tips

I had been talking to my wife for a number of years about having a vasectomy and for one reason or another had always put it off. I saw a clinic offering a non-invasive vasectomy near me a couple of years ago and it just seemed to be the right time for this procedure. Our family was complete and I decided to head in for an appointment at the clinic. After a short conversation I decided to go ahead with the procedure and two weeks later it was all done and dusted. 

I thought that I’d share some of the info which you may not be aware of, just in case this is something that you may be considering. 

Is It Painful?

I have a pretty low pain threshold at the best of times and if I am being honest I really did thing that this was going to hurt a lot. I was very pleased to learn however that at worst, this was uncomfortable, and certainly not as painful as I had thought. This is generally what I have heard from others who have gone through this procedure too, and so it would appear that this is common for almost all patients. 

Recovery Time

When the doctor first told me that I would be back on my feet and at work just a few days after the surgery I have to be honest, I didn’t really believe him. I was quite surprised therefore when, as he had stated, just 3 days after the surgery I was clocking back in for my shift. I have to mention however that I was not able to do any heavy lifting for 10 days, just as a precaution. In all honesty I felt fine to lift, but I took the advice as I didn’t want anything to happen which could cause further complications


Something which wasn’t aware before the operation was that you are not instantly infertile after the operation. It takes around 2 months before all of the sperm which have been created are exhausted, and only then are you considered as being infertile. I had a follow up meeting with the doctor 8 weeks after the operation in order to check. This is well worth knowing so that you can take the right precautions after the operation. 


Costs vary a great deal depending on which clinic you use and where you go to have the operation done. With this being said however I must stress that the price which you are quoted is all that you will pay. There is a potential for extra costs if something goes wrong, but this is incredibly rare indeed and the risks associated with that potential are incredibly low indeed. 

If there are any other questions which you have about this surgery then don’t hesitate to get in touch and I will try and answer as best as I can. My advice however would be that if you have been thinking about it, you should go ahead and do it.