Fred Brisker – Leadership Qualities Which the Best Have


If you don’t have what you consider to be natural leadership qualities then you may actually have more than you think, and the key is recognizing what those qualities are. One of the finest leaders who I have ever worked with is Fred Brisker, a man who many of you may have heard of, some perhaps not. Fred has worked his way from business to business showcasing that leadership quality everywhere he has been and helping to rescue businesses and take them to the next level.

Fred perhaps didn’t consider himself a natural leader, but watching him in action it is abundantly clear that he displays all of those core skills which every great leader should, and perhaps once you are aware of what they are, you will too.


All leaders have a great understand of the power which a team has and how the best way for the team to do well is if it is working together and if it is moving towards a goal. One of the best sayings is that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link and this is very much the same with a team.  A leader understands each role within the team dynamic and they are able to recognize its weakest link and identify how to make it as strong as the rest. Another key aspect here is that a great leader knows how to put together a great team and very often you can judge a leader on the team that they have created.


Great leaders will always be the best example in the team and they will be the ones which everyone will then be inspired and motivated by. Sometimes you see these managers or directors who do very little and they are not great leaders, they perhaps were at one stage, but they are now not great at leadership because they are not leading by example.

Wider View

The very best leaders like Fred have an eye firmly fixed on the present day, they have memories of the past and lessons that they have learned and they will always have a keen eye on what is to come. Whilst those within the team are working and hustling through the day to day, the leader is eagle eyed and can spot things coming from a distance, be they opportunities or danger.


 Another key skill which is a real quality of leadership is the ability to recognize those people within the team who can do your bidding for you. These are mini leaders who will ensure that things keep on running smoothly. Having this person, a deputy so to speak is the best way to maintain the standards which are expected from the team. This pyramid system is something which always works well and that is why the best leaders prefer it.

Do you really believe that you are not a good leader? Perhaps you have misjudged yourself.