Hermin Salak – How to Be a Good Boss

be a good boss

Being a boss can be extremely tough.  Bosses always tend to get stuck with a negative stereotype and have always been painted as a villainous figure.  Unfortunately this is something that does tend to stick with employees, but there are many ways you can change that perception.  Last year we were lucky enough to catch a speech given by  with extremely successful Hermin Salak and received a masterclass on what it takes to be a good boss.  Included below are tips you may want to consider with your approach and how it can benefit the relationship with your employees.

Build Relationships

When you are an authority figure, it is so important to build relationships with your employees.  Yes they are there to do a job, but you can’t think of them as a clog in your business.  You need to understand that they are humans and they come with their own personality/character.  Building relationships with your employees will help you motivate them within the work place.  Speak to them, ask about their life, their aspirations and how there day is.  This may seem incredibly normal and so simple to do, but it can benefit you massively.  You need to care about your staff and you need to show it.  It will make your working atmosphere amazing and it will portray you as an approachable boss who your employees like to work for.

Being Honest

Nobody likes a boss who is consistently lying to them or dodging any important questions.  To be a good boss, you need to know how to be honest with your employees.  It won’t always be good news you will be delivering, but being honest will gain you respect.  If you don’t give your employees a reason to trust you, they won’t and it is as simple as that.  Be clear with everyone and they will have confidence in you as a leader.  If you want to be able to trust your employees, then your employees need to trust you.

Be Compassionate

Your staff are the people that make your business tick over.  Being compassionate with your staff will go a long way in terms of how they perform.  Always make a point to reward and thank your employees for their hard work.  This will help with building a relationship and allow your staff to feel valued.  If there is a problem, discuss it with them, try to avoid a negative attitude to a mistake and talk rationally on how you can improve them.  A workplace is filled with emotion and you need to figure out the best way to combat every emotion you come across.

Be Consistent

As a boss, you need to be consistent within your role.  There will be people that you like more than others, but you can’t allow that to change your stance as an employer.  The same rules need to apply to everyone including yourself.  Don’t allow favoritism effect your workplace, treat everyone fairly and everyone the same.  This will help you and avoid any conflict between employees.

This is what you need to do in order to be a great boss.