TWO NIL – How to Nail The Virtual Ad Pitch


The new normal for ad companies like TWO NIL is to pitch virtually for new clients and that has proved to be a real game changer for them, which has also challenged their levels of creativity. Pitching was always a very human activity and this is why the virtual nature of the new pitch has been such a difficult experience for many to grasp. This however is something which ad agencies have had to get over very quickly as this is an opportunity which they cannot let slip through their fingers and with less clients spending ad money, securing those who are spending is necessary, and here are some tips on nailing that ad pitch.


It is absolutely true that you have to be as creative as possible for you pitch but given the fact that agencies are doing this virtually, it is important that simplicity is the key. The more moving parts that there are here the more probability that something will go wrong, and that is why it is essential to avoid all problems and focus on being creative but trying to keep things more basic.

Backing Up

There is a lot that can go wrong here from bad internet connections to a powercut, all of which is certainly going to be the agency’s fault and all of which could cost the job, if the company are fussy. This is why there is certainly a need here to have multiple back up plans in case things do go wrongs, additional modems, a tech guy in the pitch and a perfect way of laughing it off and still look processional.


It is vital that there is a clear mindset shift here and that instead of thinking about the limitations of a digital pitch, that you instead focus on the opportunities which it can give you such as digital features. A crazy background, allowing some question and answer sessions with the ‘raising of the hand’ feature, and using these tools to allow for open discussion with some fun is a great way to add some sparkle to the pitch, and keep it functional at the same time.

Power of Video

The video editing here is going to have to be absolutely outstanding because that is going to be the star of the show for your virtual pitch. Previously we may have used video to back up our pitch or to showcase some ideas, but now it is going to be the leading light of the pitch and that is why it has to be absolutely perfect. The content producers are going to have to dig deep into their creative selves in order to smash this pitch out of the park.

Focus on your set up for the call, ensure that everything is charged, the lighting is great, everyone is dressed appropriately and that everyone knows when the call begins and ends, there are many things which could go wrong here, so focus on avoiding as many as possible.