Ditch the plastics: A more sustainable approach to business travel

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If you’re traveling for work, you’re already a critical component of your company’s success. But continual travel can ultimately have huge impacts on the planet—regardless of who or what is benefiting from your work ethic. Fortunately, there are several things you can do individually that keep the earth in mind. One of which being, eliminating or reducing single-use plastics while on the go. Keep reading for tips on successfully banning plastic waste from your travels. 

Bring your own water bottle…and utensils. 

The good news? Some airports have already begun banning plastic water bottles from their cafes and vending machines. But bringing your own reusable water bottle and utensils makes dining out—be it in-air or in the airport—a more sustainable solution. Refill your own water bottle from airport fountains, and pass on the plastic-wrapped plastic fork next time you’re splurging on some on-the-go snacks. 

Choose products consciously. 

When you’re tired and traveling for business, it’s easy to reach for the first thing available to solve your need. Fortunately, there’s an influx of products out there that cater to your jetlag, physical wellness, and mental health—all while considering the earth as well. Whether you’re shopping during a layover, or preparing well before your next departure, choose products with a sustainable mindset. This can look like plastic-free products, low-impact packaging, compostable materials, as well as companies with sustainable missions to reduce waste and improve the world on which we live. 

Read up on hotel initiatives.  

When traveling with a modern corporate travel management solution, you’ll often find that you have the flexibility to choose hotels—not just based on price and perks, but practices and processes that align with your own. For example, several major hotel chains have pledged to replace small individual bottles of bathroom products with large-format amenities. Others have opted out of single-use plastic straws, and encourage reusable water bottles via public water fountains. 

Skip the in-flight meal. 

When you’re in the air, everything is plastic. However, airlines are also beginning to track their carbon dioxide emissions and total waste. Now that carbon offsetting has arrived as the main means with which to offset the impact of frequent air travel on the natural world, corporate travel management solution TripActions has announced that it enables customers to opt in to monitor their carbon footprint from travel.

Always being on the road doesn’t mean it’s not possible to make, and maintain, sustainable choices. By noticing and opting out of single-use plastics, you can continue flying, knowing you’re doing your part at reducing waste, and caring for our planet. 

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