How Can Your Business Make Use of Charter Bus Companies?


You may think that the future of transport is electric cars, but when you think about it, with limited fuel resources, congested highways and cities at breaking point with the volume of traffic, the future of transportation is public transportation whereby multiple passengers share a vehicle.  But your experience with public transport is probably the same as mine, its not direct, it stops too often and frankly its not the most comfortable way to travel. Well this is where charter bus companies come into their own.  Could the future of your company’s transport needs be fulfilled by a charter bus company?

What Charter Bus Companies Do

So what exactly can a charter bus company do for your business?  Well think about what your employees currently go through each morning and evening on their commute too and from work.

First of all you have the car commuter, they jump in their car at home, speed through local traffic until they hit the freeway where they suddenly get slowed right down by the rest of the congested traffic that’s working its way toward the city.  They slowly make their way through the traffic until they reach a parking lot as close to the office as they can afford to park in that has vacancies. They then make their way, no matter what the weather, across the blocks of congested traffic on foot, to reach your office.  They sit down, sigh a huge sigh of relief and start thinking about work.

Then you’ve got your public transport commuter, they make their way on foot to their first form of public transport, perhaps the bus where they onboard and wait patiently while the bus weaves its way around their neighborhood before arriving at the train station.  They run to try and catch the train that is about to leave and then head toward the heart of the city surrounded by other disgruntled commuters itching to jump off at their stop to get into work. At their own stop the shuffle through the packed crowds to emerge from the train station to then walk head down toward their office, and then slump with a  huge sigh of relief opposite their colleague who came in by car and looks as equally disheveled after their commute. They talk briefly about how annoying their commute is, how bad the weather is, who was sent home from The Bachelor, how they need coffee, before starting to think about the project they share.

Now imagine a world where instead, a bus picks them up close to their home, they onboard it with other colleagues, and then they are brought, via very few stops directly to the door of their office.  On route they can check emails, discuss projects and The Bachelor with colleagues and by the time they arrive at their desk they’re refreshed, relaxed, and ready to work. That is what a charter bus company can do for you!  Certainly worth considering.