Bharat Bhise – The Keys To Creating a Great Social Media Campaign

Up until I met marketing guru Bharat Bhise my social media ad campaigns were not getting the traction which I had hoped for, and I had been trying for a long time to work out where I was going wrong. Bharat had been a friend of mine for a very long time and although I knew he was a marketing mastermind, I just wanted to try and do this one on my own. After more investment than I would’ve liked, without seeing the returns that I wanted, I decided to ask him for his help, and he very quickly transformed what we were doing and how we were doing it. Bharat was a great help to me and these are the key aspects which he helped us to focus on, which greatly improved what we were doing.


The quality of the content for your social media campaign has to be of a very high standard. The first thing to mention here is that you are competing for space with hundreds of other businesses, some of which have some very original and very well thought out campaigns. You need to create content which not only gives the viewer value, but content which they are likely to engage with.

Target Demographics

 The metrics which you have available to you are what can help you to nail your social media campaign, in particular your demographics. Whatever the product or service is that you are offering, you will no doubt have a rough idea as to who your target customers will be. The metrics allow you to not only advertise to these customers, but you can also use them to see who is engaging most with your content.


If you are promoting a domestic business then there is little point in sending your marketing content out at 3am, as you will not get any traction and by the time people wake up, there will be something else on their news feed. Based on your target market you need to work out when the best time to post is, and stick with this time. If you are in any doubt then try out some different times and then at the end of the week review your metrics to see which posts performed best.


You cannot just expect to sell directly to your customers, you have to gain their trust, offer them value and then offer them your products and services. If you simply launch an ad campaign with deals and discounts all over it, you won’t get the reaction that you are looking for from your campaign.


Try as best as you can to think outside the box with your campaigns, the more different you can be to the rest then the better chance you have of creating something which is both memorable, and which will bring people to your business.

Bharat helped us so much and with these tips you can succeed too.