IT Jobs That Might Be Your Dream Career

Choosing to start a career in information technology can be daunting. With a field so broad, how does one choose which job to take and which to avoid? If you are looking to start a career in IT, here are four jobs you can consider for your dream career.

1. IT Consulting

Although it sounds pretty vague, IT Consulting has been rated among the best jobs to have in America. A day in the life of an IT consultant usually involves assessing computers to make sure that they function as expected. If they do not, the consultant troubleshoots and figures out the things that nobody else understands about the computers. They are needed by everyone from small startups to billion-dollar conglomerates. Best of all, a degree is not necessary to get a job in this field, even though having one in computer science would definitely be a plus.

2. Computer Forensic Crime Investigation

Many people grew up watching CSI: New York and dream of becoming big shot detectives as adults. If you thought that you had to give up that hope because you want to study IT, you can reconsider. The field of computer forensics is all about investigating computer crimes. You will basically be using your coding skills to catch the bad guys. You can expect to start your career out with law enforcement or with private IT security companies.

3. Mobile App Development

If you are reading this article, then you probably own a smart device (or know someone who does) and know how to use an app. While the number of people with access to mobile devices may have been limited in previous years, more people nowadays are using smartphones and consequently opening up the market for apps. More businesses are hiring app developers to design apps that will help them connect with their clients better and the demand does not seem to be slowing down. You can enter the world of mobile app development simply by taking coding courses online or going to school to take classes. Most companies hire coders based on their proven experience and not by the possession of degrees. To top it off, mobile app development is one of the highest-paid tech jobs available in San Francisco, the home of Silicon Valley.

4. Web Development

Just like apps, interacting with web pages is pretty much a regular part of the modern-day individual’s life. Web developers are the ones who make these interactions possible. They design the various web pages you visit, the applications you use to visit them, and the way you can view content. This means, of course, that a web developer must be very knowledgeable about computers and mobile tech and how to develop websites optimally for them. As with many IT jobs, you can get a degree as your point of entry, but careers are usually won based on the proficiency shown in your portfolio.

There are many different jobs available for you to pursue in information technology. Do your research on these four and you may be ready to start out a very rewarding career.