iPhone X Created For The Selfie Taking Generation

Apple just unveiled the iPhone X and the entire industry is talking about it. At the launch the main technical feats of the phone were mentioned but the presentation’s highlight was the overview of the selfie portrait mode, together with the added Snapchat filters and the animated emoji. The fact that you can easily add virtual numbers, check Capital Resorts Group Reviews in seconds or that Face ID adds a high level of safety was of high importance for many of the viewers.

According to Apple, the iPhone X stands out as “the future of smartphone”. The Super Retina display will feature zero bezels and the camera includes a lot of technology that is going to support the use of facial recognition in various different situations. Also, there is no home button included. It was replaced with the use of gesture controls. Such details are definitely highly important but they are not going to help selling a smartphone that is $1,000.

Regular consumers are not going to care about the fact that Apple moved to OLED or that a brand new processor is included. The device is highly expensive so people only care about how their life is going to be changed if they decide to buy. One of the ways in which a change can be done is how interaction happens with social media friends. Apple chose to talk directly to young adults during the event presentation.

The truth is that Apple is in dire need of youth buyers as they are the ones that set trends and that have income that is disposable. Appealing to that part of the market is vital since the company needs loyalty and cash to be successful. iPhone X definitely made this clear during the presentation. Young people are delighted about the iPhones but why is this? It is mainly because of how many features are normally added with every single version. Due to this Apple decided to focus on emoji, selfies, Snapchat, iMessage and the included lenses. The brand new smartphone was designed for teenagers.

 The iPhone X means a partnership between Snapchat and Apple in order to launch some lenses that are going to show-off the brand new depth-sensor cameras. This includes glittery mask. In the presentation we saw Craig Federighi, software engineering SVP, have the phone fixed right on the face and then highlight tracking quality and eye details. Snapchat basically offers excuses to take selfies and Apple recognized the importance of the front-facing camera for the young adults, one that is similar in value to the rear facing camera.

Another really big part of the presentation was the one connected with emojis. One of the highly taunted new features was that you can now personalize the emojis so that you can talk with friends. Animating emojis may or may not be used but the company does believe that this is going to be really important for both influencers and young adults.

On the whole, the diehard fans will focus on the upgrades made to the processor and other tech features of interest but Apple seems to be focused on young adults.