Xmas Present Ideas For Your Partner

Xmas Present Ideas For Your Partner

Christmas is fast approaching and it’s time to get the one you love something special. Getting the same thing as last year would be boring so make sure you go all out and create a surprise if they like surprises of course. There is a huge choice of presents online but some of our favourites consist of perfume, a sex toy or underwear. 

Get her the toy she always wanted

If you’ve started using toys in the bedroom, or maybe you’ve always used them… You can pick her something new to try out and start the new year with a better bedroom experience than ever before. There are a range of different brands so make sure you read reviews or get her something you already know she likes, find a mega pleasure female toys online or go into the store if you’d like some in-person advice when selecting a toy. Make sure she opens this present on Christmas Eve if you don’t want anyone else knowing what you got her. 

You can’t go wrong with underwear

You can’t go wrong with buying your partner underwear but just make sure you get the size right. Lingerie sets are romantic and will also mean you will have some Christmas fun to look forward to. Go for something red and Christmas themed or pick out a colour you know she likes. 

Her favourite perfume

Every girl wants a new perfume and having one for different times of the day is a great idea. If she already has a perfume she wears every day regularly you can find a new evening scent and surprise her. Many perfumes come in gift sets around Xmas time and these make an amazing present wrapped up. It’s definitely a good idea to go into shops to smell the perfumes if you haven’t before as ordering a random one online could go wrong. 

Jewellery to make her feel her best 

Wrapping up jewellery as a Christmas present will almost always go down well. It is something that can be worn every day and you can find matching sets like earrings and necklaces in the festive period. Have a look and see what she might like more of, if you decide to get a ring you should take one she has at home so you get the size right. Getting it spot on will make it the perfect present, where as, having to get it resized after giving it to her can be a long process. 

Candles and homeware

Cushions, candles and anything to make the house a home in the winter months is a perfect Christmas present. Candles come in different sizes and it’s best to get a few to light up a room on dark evenings or make it cosier and more bearable in the colder months. If you decide on buying cushions or something for the living room make sure it matches the colour scheme if you have one, or she might want to return anything that doesn’t look right.

Now you know exactly what to get her, it’s time to go shopping. If you don’t feel confident in your present decisions or you aren’t sure about the size, you can always ask for a gift receipt. It will be a test to see how well you know your partner!