Optima Tax Relief Reviews the Process for Filing an Amended Tax Return


Realizing you made an error after you filed a tax return can be nerve-wracking, but it isn’t the end of the world. In the following post, Optima Tax Relief reviews how you can correct any errors by filing an amended tax return.

Many people make mistakes on their tax returns. The most common errors include:

  • Inputting the incorrect filing status
  • Entering incorrect income
  • Failing to claim tax credits
  • Claiming incorrect tax deductions

Often, the Internal Revenue Service will make corrections when there are minor clerical or mathematical errors and accept the tax returns with no need for an amendment by the taxpayer. However, if you realize you’ve made a potentially more significant error, it may be a good idea to amend the return. Here are a few things to know about the process:

  • Fill out a paper Form 1040-X Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return regardless of how the original tax return was filed – even if you e-filed your return, you’ll need to fill out and mail a paper amendment.
  • If you file an amended return without instructions from the IRS, mail the amended return to one of the IRS field offices listed in the IRS 1040-X form instructions. If you received a notice to file an amended return, mail the return to the address listed in the notice.
  • Include physical copies of the appropriate documents and forms with the amended return.
  • If you are amending returns for more than one tax year, fill out and file a separate Form 1040-X for each tax year, and mail them separately.
  • If you are expecting a tax refund, wait for the IRS to process your original return before you file an amendment.
  • You can check the status of your amended tax return approximately three weeks after it was mailed through the Where’s My Amended Return online tool. Processing an amended return can take up to four months.

You also have the option of checking your amended return’s processing status by phone – the toll-free number is 866-464-2050.  Both the online and phone resources are available in English and Spanish, and can be used to check the processing status for amended returns from up to three tax years. The processing stages are:

  • Received
  • Adjusted
  • Completed

For more information about submitting amended tax returns, please visit the IRS.gov amended return help page.

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