One Hour Glasses and Other Efficient Ways To Spend You Lunch Break


I was chatting with a friend recently about the fascinating proposition of one hour glasses which many optometrists are offering these days. Such is the technology which is used in these places, they can create glasses with your size and type of lenses in an hour, so convenient that in a single lunch break you can improve your vision. This lead us to discuss many other crazy and fun things which you could do in that 1 hour lunch break. Many think that it goes over too quick or therein’t enough to do, but that hour, when used correctly, can provide you with plenty of opportunity.


Botox injections take next to no time at all and you could quite easily get to your clinic, have the Botox injected and then still have time to relax and enjoy a sandwich. These infections do not hurt during or after they are administered and they are very safe and super effective. If you are worried about going back to work looking differently than you did in the morning then don’t fear, results usually take around 2 weeks to show.


Many of us feel that we don’t have enough tie in the day to crunch through a book, so maximize your lunch break so that you can. Picking up and putting down a book can be done with ease, the key is finding the time to do it. Each and every day you will have at least 1 hour on your hands where you can open up that E-reader or an actual book, and expand your mind or disappear into a story.


The thought of spending your lunch hour doing exercise may not appeal to you much, but there are plenty of exercises which you can do during this time which will not leave you a sweaty mess when you get back to the desk. You could look to spend your time with some yoga or pilates, stretching exercises which will leave you feel fit and refreshed ahead of your afternoon.


To feel truly revived when you get back to work, finding a quiet corner and meditating is a great way of helping you to clear your mind, and to reorganize things so that you are in a clear and calm mood when you do get back for the afternoon. With just 15 minutes of that hour you can completely reinvigorate yourself, leaving you feeling great for the rest of the day.


One of the best things to do, no matter what your plans are for lunch, is to get out and walk, get the blood pumping and give your legs a really good stretch. In doing this you will be able to get rid of the woes of the job, get some fresh air into your lungs and circulate the blood around your body, helping you to feel fitter and healthier.

How do you currently spend your lunch break?