How Ayahuasca Orlando Was Named, And How It Has Helped The Business

When I first set up Ayahuasca Orlando, my South American restaurant here in Kissimmee, I spent a long time deliberating over the name. I learned during my time in business school just how important a name is, and so I really wanted something that would tap into that criteria. The name of my restaurant has actually benefited a great deal and I would say that over 50% of my customers make a comment about the name when they come in for the first time. The name is vital, here is why I called it what I did, and here is why the name is so important in business.


Because of the fact that we weren’t specializing in one particular cuisine from a single country, I wanted a name which would evoke the idea of a journey. Furthermore I love the mystery and the intrigue that there is around South American foods, especially those from pueblos and mountainous regions, I also wanted something which would represent the mystery. Finally we lay heavy focus here in the restaurant on the importance of natural ingredients and sustainability. Once we put these clues together we came up with Ayahuasca, a mysterious and natural journey.

Remember the Name

You want the name of your business to be memorable, there is nothing worse than the idea of a customer eating in your restaurant and then trying to tell a friend about it the next month and forgetting the name. It is also a reason why you shouldn’t use a generic name as this can easily get confused with another business in the area. Many businesses choose similar names but this can get confusing to a customer. Your business name should stand out and it should be easy for the customer to remember.

Telling the Story

The name of your business is also a key marketing tool to use and this is another reason why it is important that you spend time thinking about the name and what it says about your business. There are 2 main options here when it comes to giving such a name. The first is to give your business a name which quite literally tells the customer what the business is all about, think of something like OfficeMax, pretty clear what that kind of business is going to be doing. The second option is to give your business a name which evokes mystery and encourages people to find out what it is called. Given that Ayahuasca is known for alternative reasons, people are very keen to come in and see what we are all about. Make sure that if you do give your business a mysterious name, you must add a tagline below it giving a little more information, too much mystery will just put people off, I need the customers  to know that I’m a restaurant for example.

Spend time on getting the right name for your business, the difference it makes is huge.