Reputation Management Consultant Reviews – Who Uses a Rep Management Service?

Reputation management is big business right now as more and more individuals and businesses realize the power that a positive or negative online reputation can have on their lives. Rep management companies have a wide range of clients who use their services and if you look at some of the reputation management consultant reviews online you will see that this is a service which can be beneficial to a wide range of clients. What kind of people are using these services then? To find out I spoke to a couple of rep management companies to see who was using these services the most.


The most populous client which these companies have are businesses which makes complete sense. A business can live or die based on their online reputation and it is not just online businesses who count on these services. In fact businesses of all types and in all industries depend heavily on having a great online reputation and they will use these services to both improve and manage the reputation which they have online. Reputations can be damaged in an instant and many business owners are aware of this, which is why they outsource their online reputations to a rep management firm.

Seeking a Career

Increasingly we are seeing more and more members of the public utilize the service of a reputation management company, especially those who are looking to embark on a serious career. Let’s say that you want to be a lawyer, you have studied hard and you have finally passed the final exams. When you go to an interview for a position such as this the employer, or law firm in this case, will do their due diligence and perform an online background check on you, including your social media accounts. If they see you Facebook profile filled with photos of your time at college, partying, drinking and who knows what else, they are going to use this information when they decide on what kind of character you are. Using a rep management company prior to applying for such positions can help these individuals to clean up their online profiles and ensure that they match with the type of person which the employer is looking for.


Most politicians will have their own PR team but they also count on the services of a rep management company. These men and women’s careers are based around public opinion which is why it is so crucial that they have a strong and positive reputation online. Because politicians are voted in, they must have a positive reputation and the internet is the most important place for them to find this. Social media in particular is important here and rep management companies help these men and women to build, improve and maintain a strong online rep.

In truth just about everyone is using a rep management company in order to preserve their positive reputation online, but businesses are by far the most common clients.