Dr Mark Swaim – Importance of Mental Wellbeing During Lockdown

mental wellbeing

Over the last few months we have been reading and seeing more information from healthcare professionals like the brilliant Dr Mark Swaim than ever before. It is of course natural that we would look to the experts for help when going through what we are seeing right now, and there are a number of messages coming from these experts. There are those who are hoping to educate us on the virus, those who are discoing physical health and there are also those who are talking about mental wellbeing and the importance of that. This is something we want to touch on today, the reasons as to why you need to be so mindful of your mental health.


There is very much a feeling of being trapped since lockdown and that of course is perfectly natural. This feeling of being trapped however is tough for many to deal with and it can lead to a number of consequential issues. In order to cope with this as best as you can, it is important that you are strong minded and that you are doing all that you can to maintain a good mental health status.


There is a genuine fear that is going to exist right now, especially when we see what is happening with some people who have the virus, those images can be quite shocking. It has to be said however that the large majority of people will not have any issues at all so whilst this fear is not irrational by any means, it is still a fear which we should allow to exits but not consume us. If you are in a good mindset then you will be able to rationalize this fear, if however you are finding things difficult then this fear can quickly consume you.


It is easy to misunderstand just how important social interaction is in our daily lives and when that is taken away from us there are so many functions of the mind which are no longer needed, and that can also cause numerous issues. This is why it is so important to make sure that you are still socializing as best you can with people, even if that means over the phone or on a video call. We are after all social creatures and when this is taken away from us there are many problems which can arise.


We are doing less than normal so we are burning less calories and possibly eating a bit more comfort food and that can see us become a little overweight and a little bit unfit, both of which can lead us to having body image issues. This is why so many are speaking about the benefits of physical exercise when it comes to mental wellbeing and it is important to understand exactly why this is crucial to your mental wellbeing.

Keep yourself busy, focused and fit if you want to maintain that mental wellbeing.