Bharat Bhise HNA – Why The World Needs Hackers

You may think that it is a bizarre statement but did you know that hackers are absolutely essential in today’s world? Cybersecurity expert Bharat Bhise HNA analyst was chatting to me last week about the rise in what are called ethical hackers, something which you may not know too much about. Now to be completely honest if there were no hackers in the world then there would be no need for ethical hackers, but the notion that there are no hackers in the world is one that just won’t come true, hence the need for the good guys. So what exactly are ethical hackers and why do we need them? Let’s take a deeper look.

In a Nutshell

So ethical hackers are men and women who understand the world of hacking and who have high level abilities when it comes to hacking. Instead of using these powers for evil however they prefer to use them for good, and they work with cybersecurity and private companies, where they can showcase their skills. The role of an ethical hacker is pretty simple, they are given new security software which has been developed, and it is then their job to use all of their know-how to try and break it. If they are able to break it then the software will be worked on more until there are no flaws and no weak points.

Who Gets The Job?

In the main these hackers have come from a history of hacking, some perhaps have been caught for doing so, and in this role they have been given the opportunity to make up for past indiscretions. You can’t exactly train someone from school age to hack, because the lack of criminal intent may very well make them not quite at the level that they need to be. An ethical hacker needs to replicate a criminal, and the only way to do that is to use someone who used to be one.

Why They Are Essential

Before these companies realized just what ethical hackers could do for them, there was a never-ending game of cat and mouse played between hackers and security companies. The security company would create software which they felt was good enough that it couldn’t be breached, the hackers would find ways to breach it and then the company would have to go back to the drawing board. Now that they have ethical hackers on board however, there is a significantly reduced chance that the software will get breached once it is launched. Furthermore, if there are flaws or weak spots in the security framework, the ethical hacker will spot it rather than a criminal, which will be a far cheaper and less embarrassing way to discover that these weak points exist.

As you can see, not all hacking is bad, and in many cases it can be used to keep us safe from cyber criminals.