How Can Your Company Get Best Value from Collaboration Software?

As a growing company with multiple sites and partnerships with supplies and sales agencies you are constantly dealing with the challenge of having everyone you need in the right place at the right time for meetings, training, planning and project management.  You may have tried some software to manage parts of these processes before but have you thought about using a full collaboration software suite?  It could be the solution to your problems, allowing you to get everyone in your business to collaborate as much as possible, saving time and money.

What is Included in Collaboration Software?

Collaboration software is a live virtual platform for holding meetings from multiple locations, and also provides storage for project content.  Here are some of the main benefits and features:

Global and Dispersed Team Projects

No matter where your team members are based you can get them to collaborate together at the same time using collaboration software.  They all sign onto the platform at the same time from any device and then with video conferencing and live project document alteration they can work together as they discuss the project.  This means you can now build best teams based on skills and experienced rather than location.  Whereas before you had the pick the best five people at one location to run a project, you can pick the best five across your organization, and even add in contractors, suppliers and partners to the project.  The results should be much better with timelines cut right back.

Coaching, Mentoring and Training

Take your sales team, your current mentoring, coaching and training is limited to who is on site with the individuals you want to train.  But with collaboration software you can suddenly leverage your best sales person in one office to train others in other offices.  Leverage this across the whole business and your remote offices and retail locations suddenly become a lot stronger.  You have contingency because the knowledge is being shared across the business with several people able to take over a role if someone leaves or is promoted.  You will be able to adopt a much more embedded mentorship program across the business which not only builds knowledge, but builds strong relationships and loyalty between people in the business.

Virtual Meetings

Whether it is small team meetings, or major global announcements you want to make to all employees, collaboration software allows for large scale and small scale live video conferencing.  Such powerful functionality will allow you to communicate much more effectively across the business, addressing people directly who may never have had the opportunity to meet you before.  You can announce next year’s plans, celebrate good news, and share important information with everyone at the same time.  This will particularly help employees in remote locations feel a lot more part of the organization and help everyone to understand other’s roles and how they can further collaborate together.

So collaboration software can bring many benefits to your organization in terms of communication, project management, and training.