What’s the Difference Between Casters and Wheels?

Have you always thought casters and wheels were the same thing? Learn about the differences between the two tools here.

Did you know that the first caster was invented all the way back in 1876?

Although David Fisher invented the caster to help carpenters, this device is used in all kinds of fields today. Casters may have a simple design, but they do make life a whole lot easier.

Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between casters and wheels? Keep reading to find out!

Casters and Wheels: The Simple Difference

Are casters wheels? The easy answer is yes! You can’t have a caster without a wheel attached.

The major difference between a caster and a wheel is that casters are designed to mount on many different types of objects. When you think of a wheel, you might imagine a bicycle or car. Caster wheels can come in all different sizes to make any object more mobile.

What Are Casters Made of?

Now that you know a caster comes with a wheel, you may be wondering how the design is made. A caster wheel is secured by strips of metal and screws. At the top of the caster, there’s a metal plate that attaches to the bottom of an object to make it mobile.

Imagine trying to roll a heavy object balancing on loose wheels beneath it. You might be able to get the job done, but chances are high that the wheels will roll out from underneath. Casters combine the ease of wheels with the stability of a metal attachment.

Are There Different Types of Caster Wheels?

As casters have become more popular over the years, they’ve been used for all kinds of tasks. What’s interesting is that casters are loved by individuals and large corporations alike. Depending on what object you’re moving and what surface you’re on, you could have a few different types of casters to do the job right.

If you have a furniture caster, you’ll need to find a strong frame with soft wheels. While the metal has to be strong enough to support the weigh of the furniture, the wheels need to be soft so they don’t scratch your floors. The best caster wheels for fragile surfaces are those made from rubber.

There are also stationary and swivel caster wheels. If you need to navigate sharp corners and tight spaces, swivel wheels will give you all the mobility you need. For more controlled steering, stationary wheels will give you lots of stability. Some wheels even have the ability to lock and park.

The heavier your object is, the bigger your caster wheel will need to be. Did you know that one Heavy Duty Caster can be strong enough to hold 10,000 pounds? Although most people use casters to move smaller everyday objects, it’s incredible to know how much power a single wheel can have!

Want to Know More Interesting Facts?

Now that you know the difference between casters and wheels, you can get all the gear you need to make life easier.

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