The Ultimate Guide to DBS Tracking

The Ultimate Guide to DBS Tracking

Before you get your DBS check, it is necessary to understand the requirements. You should also know the costs. And you should keep track of the results of the check. This guide will help you do this. It will also provide you with information about DBS tracking. This will help you keep track of the check’s status and check if you have made any mistakes.

How to track a DBS check

If you need to track a DBS check online, you can use the DBS Tracking Service. It is an online portal that will provide you with the DBS tracking number and let you know if there have been any delays in processing. The service is provided free of charge to all customers.

Before requesting a DBS check, ensure you have all the required documents. This means having the originals of your ID and a recent proof of address handy. The process should take at least 14 days to complete. If it’s taking longer than you expected, you can also contact the Disclosure & Barring Service to find out why.

You can also check the Disclosure and Barring Service website to see how your application is progressing. UK Employee Checks, for example, has implemented an online tracking system so you can check the status of your application at any time. For example, if you apply for a Standard or Enhanced DBS, you will receive a tracking number within 24 hours. However, the online tracking system is unavailable if you use it for a Basic Disclosure.

DBS checks are performed on people applying for an agency position. These checks will reveal if the person has any criminal convictions. The information will also help you make safer hiring decisions. This protects your employees, customers, and brand reputation.

Requirements for a DBS check

When you’re applying for a DBS check, you will need to show certain identification documents. These documents will need to be current and valid. They cannot be photocopied or printed on the internet. Presenting your documents in person is best, but you can also use a live video link. Your identity documents will be examined for fraud indicators during a DBS check.

Primary documents must detail your right to work in the UK and satisfied immigration status. The DBS offers a helpful guide if you’re unsure how to check these documents. Make sure that any name changes or marriage certificates are not fraudulent. Also, check that your identity documents are not counterfeit or altered. The DBS has a list of telltale signs of tampering, which can help you avoid such issues.

If you are a volunteer, your DBS check will be free. However, if you work full-time or are enrolled in school, you could have to pay an administrative fee. In most cases, an essential check costs PS23, while an enhanced check costs PS40. In addition, the organization submitting your application may also charge a fee. Sometimes, you can also get a free emergency Barred List check.

You should always confirm that your prior check was thorough before hiring a new employee. A DBS service called Adult First allows people who work with vulnerable adults to work without revealing their personal information. It also applies to workers in adult services.

Costs of a DBS check

The cost of a DBS check can vary greatly, but in most cases, it is paid for by the hiring party or contractor. The cost can range from PS23 for a Basic check to PS40 for an Enhanced check. It is best to avoid paying more than this, as many hirers do not require this check. However, if you find the charges too high, you can always complain to the regulator.

Volunteers who apply for a DBS check for voluntary roles will pay no money. However, those who apply for paid roles must pay PS38 for the application. The cost of annually upgrading the certificate is not included in this pricing. In addition, applicants must meet the eligibility criteria for a Standard DBS before they can be registered.

DBS checks are more common than you may think. These checks check criminal records and produce a certificate that allows employers to make informed employment decisions. Previously known as CRB checks, these checks are performed on thousands of people across the UK for many different roles. In fact, almost 10% of the workforce undergoes a DBS check at some point.

As a result of government intervention, the cost of criminal record checks has decreased. Standard criminal record checks and enhanced criminal record checks are still free. However, an updated criminal records check costs PS13 a year.