One financial services company is disrupting the credit card rewards industry by leveraging technology to transform the customer experience.

Credit card loyalty programs have long been a critical component to building the relationship between card issuers and the customers they service. As credit card companies fight to acquire and retain customers in a highly competitive market, the rewards program landscape has become cluttered with competing offers and benefits – leaving the customer confused, and often feeling as if their rewards programs are too cumbersome to fully add the value to their lives. That’s the exact consumer pain point Brim Financial set out to alleviate through their Open Rewards program.

Unlike the many legacy financial institutions that make up the credit card ecosystem, Brim Financial was in the unique position to build a consumer-centric program, from the ground up, unencumbered by the past. With a clean slate and the latest in state of the art technology in their toolbelt, Brim Financial set out to completely transform the way financial institutions market loyalty and rewards programs. Their guiding light? Create a rewards program rich in innovative, consumer-centric features, that offered its members more control, more flexibility and a better overall experience than the rest of the industry – and bring it all to the consumer in a seamless, integrated platform that fits in with the way they live their lives.

“We already see that the new features we’ve introduced to the market have pushed incumbents to deliver more to their customers, and that’s a great thing for Canadians,” said Thomas Patterson, Senior Director of Product, Brim Financial. “At the end of the day, it comes down to a technology infrastructure that will support continuous growth and innovation. We’re proud to be at the forefront of that evolution.”

As Brim Financial looks to the future, it has plans to continue to raise the bar across the financial industry in how to use technology and innovation to deliver more relevant products that fit in with the dynamically changing way consumers are living their lives. By putting technology front and center, Brim Financial hopes to continue to force the industry to rethink their tried and true traditional playbooks and challenge them to keep up with the evolving needs of the customers they serve.