Kentucky hats and how to choose them

Horse racing is fun and people always love attending derby sessions. Kentucky derby session is one such popular session of which people love to attend. Adding to that, derby is not only about horse racing but also, a time for women to make some bold and unique fashion statements.

When one talks about Kentucky derby races, then the first thing that comes to mind is the kentucky derby hats. They have become a tradition in the derby matches and have become a sort of a fashion trend now. This trend was first started by Queen Anne. She made a rule for general people in the year 1711 in the Royal Ascot. She made it a point that all the gentlemen and ladies are required to wear hats at least when the queen is there and since then the hat wearing tradition began.

When it comes to hat trends the royal family used to wear them in most prominent occasions. Lady Diana was one of the major flag bearers of these hat wearing ladies and young women took it as a fashion statement when it came to special occasions. But when it came to derby, wearing hats became a sort of a trend and women keep following that every year.

But what exactly is a good hat? Well, one has her own proper rules regarding that but it is true that when one goes to buy a hat, it is advised to check the finishing touches of the hats as those are very important. Also, one has to check whether the hat is fitting them well or not. If the hat sits perfectly on the head then it has a proper fitting. One should remember that without proper fitting the hat can never enhance the look. There are varieties of hats available these days and one can check the JJ’s House collection.

When one is choosing hats, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • One needs to carry their outfits when they are going to buy a hat. This can help one to pick the right hat without any hesitation. One should remember that matching the colour of the hat with the outfit is not important at all (though one can do that) but they have to be coordinated with each other. One can check the texture and the fabric for that. In fact, the size of the hat also matters a lot. One needs to match it with the dress that they will be wearing with it.
  • When one has long hair, they can easily tie up the hair from behind when they are wearing a hat. They can also keep it loose to flaunt the layers but it is manageable to tie them up. For the ones with short hairs, she can easily keep them open as they do not cause any problem and they are easy to maintain. No matter what, the hat has to be placed comfortably on the head.

Wearing a big hat at outdoor sessions always help during day time.