Kelly Curia-Schmidt – A Thoroughly Modern Woman

It seems completely absurd that just 50 years ago women were all but excluded from the workplace, or at least in many industries, and only 30 years ago, once they were ‘allowed’ to work, that they had to choose between having a family or pursuing a career. Thankfully, and owing to the great work of so many courageous women who have gone before, women can now do both, they can have a successful career and they can look after a family. One woman who is a shining example of how this is done is my good friend Kelly Curia-Schmidt, a lawyer and an amazing mother who should be seen as an inspiration to any young girls out there with big dreams. Kelly is exceptional in all aspects of her life and here is how she manages that work/life balance.


Kelly understands perfectly well that balancing being a mother and a lawyer is not something which is going to happen organically and this is why she has given herself some rules to stick to. For example she will always ensure that she takes the kids to school 3 times per week, she will also ensure that she tucks them into bed at least 4 times a week, and that she is always available on weekends. The only time that she works on weekends is after the kids have gone to bed, and this ensures that she can give enough time to everything. These rules are absolutely non-negotiable.

Gym Time

The first thing which Kelly does when leaving work, unless it is very late, is go to the gym for a quick workout and some time in the steam room. Kelly does this for a couple of reasons, the first is that in order to be at her best she needs to have her own time, the second is so that by the time that she gets home, any stress or frustrations from her work day are well out of her mind, and she can dedicate herself to being a great mother.


As someone who has to book a meal in 2 months in advance, I can tell you just how much Kelly relies on her diary in terms of ensuring that she makes every single appointment in both her private and personal life. Kelly often jokes with me about whether her husband or her diary is the most important thing in her life. Without this diary however Kelly would miss events, she may miss a violin recital of her eldest, a dentist appointment or a meeting with a client. Kelly knows that if either her work life or her personal life suffers, then so will the other and this is why she places so much importance on keeping that diary up to date.

Kelly is a truly remarkable modern woman, she gets her stuff done, she is a brilliant lawyer, a living mother, a close friend and an outstanding wife, and in truth, I don’t know where she gets the energy from.