How to Keep Your Cool When Everything’s Got You Stressing to the Max

Learn the best ways to remain calm and keep your cool when life gets mega stressful. These relaxation techniques will do the trick, fast!

America is a stressed nation. A whopping 8 in every 10 people are afflicted by stress.

Most are worried about the future of our nation, work, money, violence, and political tensions in the country. And it’s not only the bad stuff that have the potential to stress you up. Turns out even positive things such as getting a promotion at work or welcoming a baby into your life can also get you stressed.

Although you can find comfort in the fact that almost everyone around you stressed, it’s important to deal with your stress before it gets out of hand.

Keep reading to learn how to keep your cool your stress hits the fan.

Understand the Trigger

The first step to staying calm in the face of rising stress levels is to understand what’s causing it.

We get it. Not everyone has the powers to think over a situation before blowing up. Most of the time you’ll spiral into rage and then try to understand what really happened later on.

However, there’s a reason knowledge is power. Now that you know you should first get ahold of the situation, you’ll consciously try to do exactly that.

When you know what’s causing the stress, it is way easier to keep your cool. If it’s the boss getting on your nerves, for example, you’ll naturally beware that you really have to hold it, because blowing up can have greater consequences.


Sounds cliché’, but trust us. Taking deep breaths can reduce tensions and help you keep your cool when everything’s got you stressing to the max.

Take a couple of minutes away from what’s causing you the stress. If possible, go into a private space and start taking deep breaths.

There are various breathing exercises you can do manage your stress, include belly breathing and roll breathing. Be sure to learn more about them.

Keep a Positive Mind

Everyone will tell you to keep a positive mind in times of crisis, but doing it is easier said than done. Keeping a positive attitude is a habit that develops over time.

But just like but choosing to step away from a heated argument in a split second, you can also choose to embrace positivity. Think about all the better things that can happen instead of focusing on the worst.

If it’s your hectic job, for example, don’t start thinking that your stress will get in the way of your performance, and then you’ll probably be suspended or fired. Instead, how about you look at it as a passing phase? That the challenge you’re facing is preparing for you’re a bigger role.

Keep Learning About Stress Management

Nobody is born with a super ability to manage stress. Oftentimes, the difference between people who seem to effortlessly keep their cool and those who lose it is knowledge.

As such, it helps to gain more insights into stress and its causes. Read a how to relax book, listen to a stress management podcast or watch a movie on the issue

You Can Keep Your Cool

Stressful times will always be part of life. Knowing how to keep your cool during these times will not only help you avoid unnecessary troubles, but also contribute to your emotional and mental health wellness.

With the tricks fleshed out above, you’re now in a better position to retain your composure.

Stay tuned to our blog for more helpful tips.