Fireplace Screens and Tools, Smart Gift Ideas

Fireplace Screens and Tools, Smart Gift Ideas

If you are looking for gifts for someone who has a fireplace then this is the perfect area to concentrate on. Most people who have a fire really do love it and use it regularly and that is why you can be sure that you are getting a gift which they are going to both love and use. The best options when it comes to this particular area are looking to buy fireplace screens and tools, both of which are absolutely essential when it comes to the management of the fire and both are going to see heavy usage on a daily basis.

Within both of these options there is wide range of options which you have before you, and here is what you should be thinking about.

Fireplace Screens

When it comes to fireplace screens the idea is to get a good balance between function and aesthetic. The fireplace screen has to actual do its job and protect the room from any kind of dust, dirt or debris which may come out of the fire. On top of this however the screen also has to look great, and there are some fabulous designs which you can choose from. The one thing which you must remember when being a fireplace screen is that it is a big item and that means you have to ensure that it fits in well with the rest of the room.

Fireplace Tools

Regarding the buying of fireplace tools the best thing to do is to is to buy a collection of tools which come as a single piece. This way you will ensure that you get all of the tools that you need, they will all be of the same style and the caddy is a lovely way for you to store them.

The essential tools which you should be looking for are; a poker which they can use to move the fire around; bellows which help to give oxygen to the fire; tongs which can be used for moving fuel around and a dustpan and brush which are to be used for cleaning up the front of the fire once it has been put out. There are some extra tools which you could look for but in reality these are the essential options.

When buying tools be sure that  they are long so that they can be used far from the fire, and also ensure that  they are made of high quality materials so that they are long lasting and stay cool.

As mentioned with regards to the screen, always bear in mind the style of the person’s room who has the fire, so that you are able to buy something which fits in perfectly with the decor that  they already have in there. If you get this gift right then you are going to be sure that you have bought a great present which will be cherished and which will be used each time that fire is lit.