Diamond Environmental Services – Stage Your Very Own Music Festival

A friend of mine works for the portable toilet company Diamond Environmental Services, and last week he and I had a brainwave, to start our very own music festival. We know that so many festivals around the world have been cancelled and whilst it is not a good move to invite strangers to your home in the current climate, there is nothing to stop you from clubbing together with some friends and having a festival, as long as you stick within the rules.

Here is what you can look to do with your friends to stage your very own fest.


No festival would be complete without the campsite and that is why the first thing you need to do is look to get some tents outside, even if you have to put them in the garden. Adding some tents and some fires will be the first step on the road to creating your very own music festival. If you have more than you are allowed then you could socially distance those tents to ensure that you all remain safe.


Unless you happen to be a musician, you are going to need to get some music to watch and the best thing that you can do here is to grab ensure sets which musicians and bands have already done at various festivals around the world. The best way to watch those sets is, if it is possible, to project those images onto the wall outside your property. If you don’t have a projector then you will find many which can be rented for a couple of days. Rent a projector and then get that music pumping.


When it comes to getting some speakers you want some which are loud enough for you to really get that festival feeling. Again if you don’t have any then you may find that you can buy some at a low cost or you could potentially rent some as well. Check in with the neighbors to make sure that you are not causing too much fuss, and then enjoy the music as it churns through the big speakers.


If you are going for the music festival feeling then you need to go all out and that includes what you are wearing. Get those wellies on, some shorts and a waterproof jacket, throw a hat on and get into that music festival mode. If everyone buys into this it will certainly help the occasions to feel more authentic. If you really want to go mad then get some glow in the dark paints and cover each other in them, this will add something really special to your evening.

Once you have everything in place, the only thing left is to crank the music, dance like there is no tomorrow and have the best music festival of your life. The key to this being a success is the investment of everyone who is there, into the event, get this right and everything will be awesome.