Alexander Sabadash – Key Considerations to Make When Building a Team

I was very fortunate when I was younger that I had the chance to work alongside someone who really taught me the ropes when it came to business. During college I would spend my summers working with the brilliant Alexander Sabadash, a business owner who was easily the most savvy and business-smart people who I have ever met. Alexander knew that I wanted my own business one day and I owe a great deal to the lesson which he taught me. One of the most important things he taught me about business, and something which I have since realized just how crucial it is to a company’s success, is the ability to build a successful team. No matter whether you have an online business, a high street store or an out-of-town warehouse, your team is everything and here is what to consider when putting it together. 


One of the most important lessons that Alexander showed me was the difference between a team of great individuals who don’t mesh, and a team of people with varied skill levels, who work in perfect synergy. The group who work best together will always trump individuals, regardless of how good they are, and this is something you must bear in mind during recruitment. Think of personalities and how each will work together, as well as weighing up the skills which each member should be able to bring to the table. 

Ambition and Humility 

The perfect team member is someone who can take the lead when it is required, and also have the humility to step back when it is time for someone else to take the lead. This is where you have to strike that fine balance between ambition and humility. Too much of one of these skills and you may find yourself with someone who doesn’t want to lead, or someone who isn’t prepared to pull their weight for someone else. It is a tough balance to find but once you do, you’ll be bringing people in who are perfect for a team setting. 


There should always be healthy competition amongst your team members, and it will be up to you to manage this competitiveness so that it helps the team in the long run. If you have a sales team for example, then you want to create an environment where one wishes to out-sell the other. If, however, people are trying to harm the chances of their team member just to sell more, you are going to have a problem on your hands. The perfect team member is the one who wants to beat their team, but is also aware of the fact that the only real win is a team win. 


Another key factor to look out for when putting together a team is finding members who are multi-talented and who can take on a number of roles within the team dynamic. Having these Swiss Army Knife type employees is going to help you and the team immeasurably. If you don’t have these employees already, consider looking to up-skill those who have the capability. 

The right team will bring great rewards no matter what business you are in.