3 Keys When You’re a Hit-and-Run Victim

Nobody wants to think about being in a hit-and-run when out on the roads.

That said they happen with more regularity than one may realize. In some instances, they can in fact prove deadly.

So, if unfortunate enough to be the next victim, what are some keys you should have already thought about? That is to make this event a little easier to deal with?

Your Health Always Comes First

When you are unfortunate enough to be in a hit-and-run, keep the following in mind:

1. Your health matters – In looking at what occurs right after a hit-and-run, assess your health. Always remember that vehicles can be replaced but humans can’t. With that in mind, make sure you are okay to go on. If you feel like you are in fact injured, be sure to get medical help. Keep in mind that some injuries do not always show themselves right away. This can be everything from a concussion to internal injuries. By getting checked out at the scene or a nearby medical facility, you are doing the right thing.

2. Getting evidence of the perpetrator – Even as shaken up as you are likely to be, try and get evidence on the driver. He or she took off for a reason. It can be everything from trying to conceal the incident itself to they may be on the run. If you are able to get their license plate info, great start. Once you are settled and away from the scene, you could go online and do a free license plate lookup. Such a lookup can lead you to finding out key info about the driver. This information can be passed along to law enforcement to try and track down the individual. If you did not get a license plate, see if there were any witnesses to the incident. They may have seen something with the naked eye or via a cell phone. There may also be some video cameras at any local businesses or homes in the area where you were hit. 

3. Moving on from the incident – Finally, it can be hard for some drivers to move on from such an incident. As such, they may be a little hesitant to get behind the wheel again. If this sounds like you, do your best to put the hit-and-run behind you as hard as that may be. Remember, you need to be able to move on. Chances are good you need to use your vehicle to get around for work, appointments and other needs. As a result, not driving may well not be an option. Even if it takes you some time to feel comfortable once again behind the wheel, this is fine. You do not want to rush back to driving if you are not quite ready. That said avoiding driving altogether is not a good option either.

When you’ve been in a hit-and-run accident, do all you can to bounce back from it.

Most importantly, make sure your health is what it should be.