10 Types of Marketing Career Paths You Can Take


If you like the idea of connecting with lots of different people, being creative, and helping every business and industry you can possibly think of, embarking on a marketing career may be the perfect route for you. A career in marketing enables you to combine your communication skills and analytical abilities to help businesses across the world attract more customers to their brand.

Whether you want to work in social media, become a brand manager, or market research is more your thing, there are tons of marketing roles that you need to look into before making your final decision. To make the process easier, here are ten types of marketing career paths that you can go down.

Account Manager

Account managers are responsible for managing the relationship between a business (such as a marketing firm) and its clients. Account managers work to make sure all their clients’ needs are met and that they’re satisfied with their service. An account manager will need to establish any areas of improvement to improve their operation. In a smaller company, an account manager may oversee identifying new clients. To succeed in this role, you will need to have excellent communication skills, especially as you will be representing your brand at all times. 

When dealing with clients and businesses, you must be professional in your approach and be willing to go above and beyond your duties to keep clients happy. If you’re struggling to get your foot in the door, there are lots of sales positions that incorporate a good amount of account management, meaning you should start at this level and work your way up.

Product Manager

The primary role of a product manager is to identify the customers’ needs and the larger company objectives that a feature or product will fulfill. Regardless of the kind of product, the product manager is in charge of the planning and marketing strategies. Product managers must also know how to research their market effectively and set a product vision that will resonate with their target market.

To succeed in this role, product managers need to have between three and five years of professional experience. Completing an MBA program can be a great way to fine-tune your leadership skills and product vision. Product managers engage with people from all walks of life, meaning you will need to be an excellent communicator to go far in this position. 

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketing managers are responsible for developing, implementing, and handling marketing campaigns that promote a business and its products or services. As a digital marketing manager, you will play a crucial role in spreading brand awareness via digital space as well as building website traffic and gaining leads and customers. 

To thrive in a digital marketing management role, you must have experience in paid social media advertising, sales skills, the ability to think objectively as well as have a combination of analytical and creative abilities. You must be able to sell any kind of product or service to the masses, as well as handle a team. If you don’t have excellent leadership skills, you will struggle to flourish in this role. Digital marketing management is one of the most sought-after jobs in the marketing field. So, you will need to gain experience and have the correct credentials to improve your employability. 

Brand Manager

The key role of a brand manager is to use trends and customer research to devise strategies that will alter how consumers perceive the brand. Whether it’s by overseeing advertising, events, or designs, brand managers need to ensure that their branding efforts are consistent throughout campaigns and advertisements. When consumers want to buy a product or use a service, the way a brand is presented can make all the difference.

There are numerous skills that brand managers need to perform their job effectively, such as strategic creativity, strong communication, and flexibility. Brand managers work alongside creative teams during the process. So, you will need to take other people’s thoughts and considerations into account to execute a successful brand campaign.

Marketing Copywriter

Marketing copywriters are responsible for taking the remarkable components of a business and highlighting them in an effective manner that will resonate well with the business’s target demographic. Marketing copywriters are expected to provide excellent content for press releases, website content, and emails. Marketing copywriters must use persuasive text to lure consumers in to buy into a particular product or service.

To flourish as a marketing copywriter, you must have polished writing skills, know how to create effective headlines, be aware of the user experience, and have marketing awareness. Creating engaging content is a must, so make sure you proofread your work, put your mind in the consumers, and know how to craft a powerful piece of text.

Social Media Manager

In the modern world we live in, social media is critical for a successful marketing campaign. With billions of people all over the world having a Facebook account, many businesses are now hiring social media managers to come into the team and raise brand awareness. Social media management is a procedure that supports digital marketing strategies. As a social media manager, you will be accountable for creating video, analyzing data, coordinating messaging with communications, and running paid advertisements. 

Social media managers must possess excellent transferable skills, including verbal and written communication, creativity, traditional and digital marketing, as well as making connections. Social media managers need to know how to read between the lines and do what they can to bring customers to social media and keep them engaged with a brand. 

Public Relations Officer

As a public relations officer, you will be in charge of handling the reputation of a business. You will be responsible for writing press releases, dealing with press inquiries, and in some instances, managing crises. This means that you need to know how to work well under pressure. Your role could include devising PR strategies and campaigns. Above anything else, public relations officers must communicate the key messages of a brand to the target audience, as well as maintain a solid relationship between the company and the general public.

To work as a PR officer, you must have excellent presentation skills, effective communication, interpersonal skills, and know when to use your initiative. Public relations officers must also know how to prioritize their workload and plan effectively. 

Events Manager

Events managers are responsible for planning, developing, and executing events. Whether it’s a concert, business conference, product launch, or festival, an events manager must make sure the target audience is engaged from the beginning and the message of the event is properly marketed. To bring attendees to an event, this role requires you to use a variety of marketing channels to convey your message and spread awareness.

There are lots of key attributes that events managers will need to perform this role effectively. As you will be engaging with businesses and the general public, you must have excellent communication skills. You will also work alongside a team to deliver a successful event, meaning you need to be a good team player and take everyone’s thoughts and feelings into account. As the manager, you will need to know how to lead your team. So, showing authority and exuding confidence is a must. 

Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts are accountable for collecting and analyzing valuable information on behalf of their client or business. Market researchers play a key role and have the power to influence huge company decisions. Market researchers must perform quantitative and qualitative research and understand consumer habits which can help businesses with their marketing efforts. Click here to learn more about what a market research analyst does, as well as other top demand marketing analytics careers. 

There are key skills all market research analysts must possess, including the ability to handle fast-paced and pressured work, excellent attention to detail, and the ability to spot patterns within statistics. Market research analysts must also have an interest in psychology and consumer behavior, excellent organizational skills, and efficient communication skills. 

Graphic Designer

In the marketing world, graphic designers are a key component of a campaign. As a graphic designer, it’s your job to create a brand identity, create an eye-catching logo, and formulate advertising materials that businesses can use. You may also be required to create content for an exhibition stand. Graphic designers create visual concepts with the help of computer software or by hand to captivate consumers’ attention.

Graphic designers must have fantastic IT skills, excellent organizational and time management skills, good attention to detail, and a thorough knowledge of the latest trends and developments within the marketing sector.

If you enjoy having freedom and flexibility and like to be creative, there are numerous marketing jobs that allow you to showcase your talents. To get into the marketing industry and cement your place, gaining hands on experience via an internship can be an excellent way to see how things are run. The more experience you gain, the more you can boost your resume which will make employers take notice of you and increase your chances of working and excelling in the marketing field.