Winter Sports for Family Fun

Winter is here. The cold weather can take a toll on family activities. Family members fall prey to this inactive foul-weather mood and remain indoors lazily lying on their beds or on that warm comfy couch.

However, the cold weather should not be an excuse to remain inactive. There are lots of outdoor sports and activities out there for the whole family. Combat the winter blues with these great sports for the entire family.

Skiing and snowboarding

Both cross-country and downhill skiing is a favorite for the whole family during the winter season. Cross country skiing is not only a fun activity but also a fantastic way of staying in shape. Take advantage of the snow outside or take the family to skiing areas where you will find well-marked cross-country trails. 

Skiing, especially downhill skiing has a steep learning curve, but there is feeling of achievement when the techniques are finally mastered. The falls downhill makes family share a laugh and encouragement.

Purchase or rent snowboards for the teenagers. They will be so excited by this and start pulling some stunts on the snow.

Ice skating

Ice skating is one of the favorite sports among many kids and adults too. It is a fun and inexpensive sport that can be performed on ice rink areas or frozen ponds in the neighborhood. Ice skating provides a chance for the siblings to challenge one another and their parents on steady staying and fun ice tricks. It is entertaining way to work on agility and balance.

Carry with you the boots and hockey sticks and try incorporating ice skating and hockey for a more fun experience.


Snowshoeing is a straightforward sport provided you can walk.  It has a shorter learning curve and fun to all family members regardless of their age. Snowshoeing does not require a lot of investments as only snowshoes, a pair of poles and footwear are needed. Watching the members walk amusingly in the fluffy bigfoot-like shoes gives everyone something to laugh about.

 For beginners try snowshoeing in the neighborhood and when you have mastered the techniques (pole usage, widening your stance, going up and downslope) take your family to a challenge on an off-road adventure. Snowshoeing is also a great way to perform aerobic exercise.

Snowball fights

Staying indoors can sometimes be boring. Trick your family to go outside and then surprise them by throwing a snowball to one of them. And that’s how the game begins. In no time you will all be running around, and dodging each other’s snowball. The game requires absolutely no investment and an excellent family bonding practice.

In the end, everyone will be warm and happy. While resting, you can try out building an igloo or a snowman with the kids.

Fat Biking

Fat biking can be an exciting sport for parents, kids, and older siblings.  The family can organize racing challenges on the snow trails and winner rewarded. The bikes have simplified gears that are easy for everyone to master. Wide rims on the bike make them suitable to tackle ice, snow or rocks on its way.

Carrying out adventures in the snowy and rugged terrain using these bikes can be fulfilling.

Nothing brings the family together than a shared sporting activity. When having fun do not forget to focus on safety. Dress appropriately and carry with you protective gear, e.g. boots, bindings, and helmet. Ensure you provide helmets to every member especially the kids.

It’s time to create those memories with family during the winter, as they say, a family that plays together stays together-pun intended.