Where to Buy Contact Lenses in Fort Myers

There’s good reason for wanting to try out contact lenses as an alternative to glasses, they have several advantages and can help you have improved vision in situations where you normally wouldn’t want to wear your glasses for convenience or safety reasons.  So where can you purchase contact lenses in Fort Myers?

Purchasing Contact Lenses in Fort Myers

One of the largest eye specialists in Fort Myers, OptiExpress, not only carries out eye examinations to provide your prescription, do eye health exams, sell designer eye wear frames, but also advises on and sells contact lenses.  Rather than buy online without having talked to an eye specialist about the different types of lenses, and receive a trial pack and advise on how to insert and take out your contact lenses, it is better to speak to an expert face to face.

Who Will Benefit from Contact Lenses?

Most people who wear glasses will greatly benefit from also having contact lenses, and may even find over time that they stop wearing their glasses and replace their daily use with contact lenses instead.  There are several advantages to contact lenses over eye wear.

First of all glasses are very obvious and give you a certain look that might make you self conscious at times.  For example a first date, job interview, party, these type of occasions you might rather be the person who doesn’t wear glasses.  Particularly if you’ve grown up wearing glasses it might be a whole new lease of life being freed up from wearing them.

If you’re on vacation in a sunny place you will probably find that you want to wear sunglasses more often, and even have more than one pair of sunglasses.  Of course it’s great if you have prescription sunglasses but they are expensive and you likely only have one pair, do you want to risk them at the beach?  So wearing contact lenses allows you to buy any sunglasses to wear over them.  You have a lot more choice and can buy several pairs for several occasions.

Contact lenses are particularly great for situations where you would normally have to take your glasses off.  When playing sports, exercising, carrying out outdoor activities, transitioning from cold to hot temperatures, are times when your glasses become a hinderance and inconvenience rather than improve your sight, they become steamed up, slip off or get wet.  Whereas contact lenses provide you with the much needed improved sight in those situations but don’t get steam up, fall out or get wet.

A further issue with eye glasses is that due to frames and size of the lenses your natural field of vision is obscured and limited.  The frames create a noticeable line in your vision constantly, and the lenses get dirty, greasy and steam up at times.  Both of these are eliminated with contact lenses.  Particularly with daily disposable contact lenses you don’t need to worry about cleaning them, just wear them once then throw them away, ready for a new pair tomorrow.